Oklahoma girl understands gun control

In Bryan County near Durant a 12-year girl was home alone when someone unknown first rang the bell on the front door then went to the back and broke into the home.

OKC’s News9’s Chris McKinnon reported the child told authorities that when she did not answer the bell, he went to the back of the home and kicked in the back door.  She called her mom and was instructed to get the family gun, call police and hide.  As the intruder turned the doorknob on her closet hiding place, the child pulled the trigger with the round going through the door and hitting the intruder.

Police say the “suspect” was wounded and they caught him a short distance from the home.

Her mother, Debra St. Clair is very proud of her child. So are many others as the story has gone national.  It is posted on the Western Center for Journalism site among others and you may click here to see the full video report.

Many Oklahoma homes of even modest means are often distanced from neighbors.  Here is a simple word of warning for criminals:  law-abiding citizens, who are so distanced, understand the increased risk and most are prepared – even the children.