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Oklahoma girl understands gun control

In Bryan County near Durant a 12-year girl was home alone when someone unknown first rang the bell on the front door then went to the back and broke into the home.

OKC’s News9’s Chris McKinnon reported the child told authorities that when she did not answer the bell, he went to the back of the home and kicked in the back door.  She called her mom and was instructed to get the family gun, call police and hide.  As the intruder turned the doorknob on her closet hiding place, the child pulled the trigger with the round going through the door and hitting the intruder.

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Mass killings not on the rise

In an Associated Press story with Helen O’Neill posted on The Blaze much of the media frenzy over mass killings is disputed even in a situation that has become sickeningly familiar, gunmen opened fire on innocents in what should be the safest of places – first, at a shopping mall in Oregon, and then, unthinkably, at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Once again there were scenes of chaos as rescuers and media descended on the scene. Once again there were pictures of weeping survivors clutching one another, of candlelight vigils and teddy bears left as loving memorials. And once again a chorus of pundits debated gun control and violence as society attempted to make sense of the senseless.

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