Online newspaper(s) change the rules

The Financial notes a credible analysis on Internet news that shows if someone is an internet user, there’s a decent chance they are reading the newspaper online. According to comScore, 644 million people worldwide visited online newspaper sites this October, which it estimates to be 42.6% of the world’s internet users. As their business models continue to tilt away from print and toward digital, newspaper outlets around the world are competing to win the attention of this large and growing audience.

The leader, by sheer size of audience, may be a surprise to hard-news junkies: the Mail Online, the web outlet of the London-based Daily Mail. The Mail Online’s website attracted over 50 million unique visitors in October, comScore said, the most of any online newspaper.

The Daily Mail’s editor, Paul Dacre, told The New Yorker in April that he thought the Mail Online was succeeding because it had identified a large niche in the news market:

“At its best, American journalism is unbeatable. But the problem with many of your newspapers is that they became too high-minded, too complacent, and self-regarding … They forgot that there’s a huge market out there of people who are serious-minded but also want some fun in their reading.”

Tulsa Today would suggest people also want balance in coverage beyond what the Loony Left can comprehend.

In the US, emarketer estimates that newspaper print ad revenue will decline and newspaper digital ad revenue will increase in each of the next four years.

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But there is more on media as the Chicago Tribune and six other newspapers owned by Tribune Co. are dropping the services of Associated Press, effective in early January.

In addition to the flagship Tribune, other company-owned papers cutting ties with the 166-year-old global news provider are the Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Hartford Courant, Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Daily Press of Newport News, Virginia.

Long considered the gold standard of wire services with a worldwide staff of 3,700, including 2,300 gathering news in more than 100 countries, AP is operated as a not-for-profit cooperative, owned by its member newspapers.

While the move represents a historic break for the Tribune and a loss for readers, it was not unexpected. As far back as 2008, shortly after Sam Zell took over as CEO, Tribune Co. began signaling intentions to sever its deal with AP (which then reportedly was costing close to $9 million a year). In 2010, the company sharply cut back on its use of AP after signing a multiyear agreement to subscribe to Reuters America, a less expensive competing service owned by Thomson Reuters.

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Speaking of leaning Left so far you can’t tell your world is upside down, consider the question from which askes, 

“Who Is Gabriel Sherman? How the New System of Tax-Deductible Lefty Journalism Threatens All of Us — Part I.”

Those are questions worth answering, because they speak to the tactics and methods of the left wing in America today.

Gabriel Sherman’s career provides a window into the mechanisms of the contemporary left. In particular, we can see how mainstream media journalism–shoddy, gossipy, and liberal, all at the same time–has now combined with tax-deductible foundations to further shape our politics and culture. Once again, as Andrew Breitbart always knew, the right can’t expect to win if it can’t analyze, and expose, how the left plays its tricks and works its will.

Sherman is the author of a forthcoming book on Roger Ailes and Fox News, The Loudest Voice in the Room. The book, scheduled for publication in 2013, is billed as “an inside account of the rise of Fox News.”

And here’s what “inside account” means to the MSM (Main Stream Media): Sherman is going to go after Ailes, big time.  Sherman’s book will advance the liberal-left line: Fox New is “Faux News,” Ailes is nothing more than a hack Republican operative, and Rupert Murdoch is a cancer on the country.

That’s what the liberal-left MSM wants to hear, and wants to distribute. And so any up-and-coming apparatchik had better deliver. And as we see, the MSM, chronically losing money in today’s freer media market, has now been reinforced by a new funding spigot: liberal foundations and think-tanks, which have gotten into the “journalism” game with both left feet.

The outlines of Sherman’s thirty-something life can be found on his website.  Suffice to say, he has enjoyed a typical career for an aspiring young New York City-based journalist, stringing together gigs at the New York Observer, Conde Nast Portfolio, and, now, New York magazine.  New York is a B-list publication, to be sure, but it has long been seen as a farm team for A-list publications, including the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and the New York Times.

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So good reader, from these considerable news sources, Tulsa Today suggests, again, for your consideration that there are serious problems in America in large part because “Freedom of the Press” as envisioned at the establishment of the nation has betrayed both their public and industry interests.  Worshiping fame, they abandon substance which devolves the product to the lowest common denominator driving away creative intelligent producers and consumers with above basic IQs, education and/or zest for life (humor). 

And the mindless media hacks which work their way up the ladder of success fully puckering to the clueless still wonder what’s wrong.  Amazing, but if you doubt or are dedicated to what has so obviously failed (journalism) then consider this posting from David Zurawik:

Chelsea Clinton, Still NBC’s Pretend Journalist

I know there are questions on my beat larger and more pressing than who’s worse as a TV journalist, Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush Hager, the presidentially-connected, pretend correspondents at NBC News.

But I continue to be fascinated by a network news division putting someone as outrageously unqualified as Clinton on a prime-time newsmagazine. I watched her again last week in a softer-than-soft piece on a weight loss program started by Pastor Rick Warren at his Saddleback Church, and I can say with absolute certainty that she has not improved one lick in the last year.

In fact, I think she is worse than when she started this job for which NBC News President Steve Capus said “it’s as if she had been preparing her whole life.”

That’s why I read with such fascination a piece at Politico this week suggesting Clinton was ready for the “next act” in her life.

Here’s the nut graph: “Family friends and supporters says Chelsea Clinton, who has evolved from a frizzy-haired little girl in the White House to a self-assured public figure in her own right, is ready to play an increasingly larger role in the national debate and may emerge as a pre-2016 surrogate of sorts as her mom mulls her future plans.”

The piece is filled with quotes from those family friends and supporters describing Clinton as “incredibly articulate and human…charmingly personal while at the same time substantively deep.”

If true, it’s amazing how none of that manages to work its way into her on-air work for NBC with such programs as Rock Center.

In the Warren piece, for example, the pastor said he had a goal of losing 90 pounds and had already dropped 50.

“So, you’re over the 50 yard line,” she said.

No, that would only be like crossing the 50 yard line if a football field was 90 yards instead of 100 yards long. The fact that NBC left her response in suggests how bad the rest of her on-camera verbal interaction with Warren must have been. Or, maybe the producers have simply given up on making her look like she is in any way worthy of a network correspondent’s job.

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