Irreconcilable differences

Opinion:  I haven’t written anything since the election. I have just been watching and listening and reading. What I have seen, heard, and read concerns me a great deal, mainly because it is far too similar to what I saw, heard, and read before the election.

For four long years, a small group on the right documented publicly, for all to see, just who and what Barack Barry Hussein Obama-Soetoro is. Presented clearly, unambiguously, in terms easily understood even by those with only a government school education, to not have gotten the picture was only possible for the willfully blind or the terminally stupid. Unfortunately, this appears to be what the majority of Americans, including millions of “conservatives,” actually are.

I still see so-called conservatives talking about Obama and the Democrats as if they were the loyal opposition who really believe in America, but just differ in how they want to make her better. That Obama and the Democrats are hard-core Marxist revolutionaries, out to destroy capitalism and turn the country into a collectivist, totalitarian police state, seems never to have occurred to them. In fact, they still appear offended by the fact that some of us point out this fact.

Instead, I see the same tired, old RINO Establishment hacks, like Boehner, McConnell, Rove, et al., and hear them mouthing the same old mealy-mouthed Big Talk, following it up with No Action, and leaving the pundits with tons of meaningless verbiage to spew out in an ever-changing, but always the same flood of useless nothingness.

The Benghazi debacle/scandal, which as little as 20 years ago would have brought down the government, is being swept under the rug. We have a senator who has been caught using underage sex slaves in the Dominican Republic, paid for by a beneficiary of his legislation. We have dozens of blatantly unconstitutional “gun control” bills, clearly aimed at eventually completely banning private ownership of firearms, being run out at the federal and state levels. We have the Fraud in the White House continuing to ignore the constitution and by-pass a complicit Congress with a string of patently illegal “executive orders.” The blatant voting fraud during the 2012 election is being brushed off as just the notion of a handful of misinformed, misguided troublemakers. There’s a whole lot more going on, but we only have so much space. In any case, what do all these outrages have in common? Like the vast majority of mass murderers in America, the perpetrators are Democrats and the incidents are all being ignored, lied about and/or distorted and spun in a favorable light by the Department of Propaganda, aka, the Fifth Column or “mainstream” media.

Cut to the chase: It’s not that nothing has changed; it’s that things have gotten much worse.

The country is polarized at fundamental levels to an extreme that is beyond anyone’s ability to reconcile. The left wants to kill babies, but coddle murderers. They want the 51 percent of us that work to pay more and more taxes to support the 49 percent who won’t work. They demand a birth certificate to get a passport, but not to run for president. They demand a driver’s license to board an airplane, but not to vote. They attack Christians at every opportunity, destroying their First Amendment right to free exercise of religion, but hysterically call criticism of murderous, radical Muslims and the imposition of Shariah law “Islamaphobia.” They hate the military, but constantly use it to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. When they call for lethal violence against conservatives, including former President Bush, it is overlooked, but when conservatives criticize Obama’s policies, it is racial hate speech. Again, the list goes on and on, but you get the idea.

The idea of secession has been around for a long time, and is being seriously backed by more and more people. I, for one, think it is the only way We, the People who still believe that America is, and should remain, a constitutional republic will survive. The blighted, Democrat “Blue States” – Democrat due to the presence of large, Democrat-run urban areas – can go to them. This is mostly the Northeast, the West Coast, and the Rust Belt. We will keep the largely rural “Red States,” with their farms, ranches, timber, mines, and small towns and cities, areas where people still believe in working for a living, and take pride in doing so.

Give those who don’t want to live under the “Red” or the “Blue” three years to move with taxpayer assistance. Then, you are on your own. If secession happens, I predict the “Blue” country would economically and socially collapse into violent chaos in less than ten years.

For guidance and precedence, please refer to the Declaration of Independence.