Mullet Over #549

Veterans of snow shoveling generally agree that spraying one’s shovel scoop with cooking oil will facilitate snow shedding and significantly decrease the effort required for clearing sidewalks, etc.

A special few bread-baking mavens are perceived as skilled artisans. Subsequent to overseeing dough preparations, the experts closely regulate ambient moisture content, oven temperatures, oven air flow and baking times. Particular hamburger vendors often pay handsomely to acquire tasty buns “perfectly” prepared.

Sometimes Hollywood really is larger than life. When filmmakers made the motion picture Mutiny on the Bounty (starring Marlon Brando), the movie model of the 18th century ship was constructed on a 1.3:1 (180 feet vs. 138 feet) scale to provide extra space for filming crews.

Back in 1894, football helmets were often fashioned from re-sewn harness leather. No hard shell was included (except a player’s skull). Sophisticated modern helmets can measure impact forces and are capable of sending data to receiving monitors on sidelines, press-boxes, etc. However, brain concussions are still a distressing concern for many people involved with football.

In 2009, an orbiting Russian satellite collided with a U.S. satellite and both units were badly damaged. In an effort to avoid future collisions in an increasingly crowded environment, the United States has plans to erect a high frequency radar system on Kwajalein Island in order to keep closer tabs on more than 200,000 objects that circle our planet.

Speaking of keeping tabs – auto insurance companies maintain stat sheets on vehicle drivers and have discovered that the average American driver will be involved in a collision once every 10 years. However, regional rates vary greatly. In the Washington (D.C.) area, it’s once every 4.7 years. In the Boise (Idaho) region, records indicate the frequency drops to once every 13.8 years.

Auric Chloride is a naturally occurring liquid compound that contains gold. Two Michigan State chemistry professors have discovered that when bacteria called Cupriavidus metallidurans are set loose on auric chloride, almost pure gold is left as residue. Some residue.

In 1893, there was a boxing match between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. The fight lasted more than 7 hours (110 rounds). Neither combatant would admit defeat. Most of the audience (as well as the referee) became hungry and tired, so the contest was declared to be a draw and everyone was sent away with all wagers officially canceled. Well, use extra caution when driving in our nation’s capital (only 68.3 sq. miles) – and have a most pleasant weekend.