Many mourn Thatcher – sick leftist riot

Updated: James Lankford (R-OK) released the following statement  after the announcement of the passing of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  Leftists in the UK staged a drunken riot.

“Americans join our friends around the world today in mourning the loss of Margaret Thatcher,” said Lankford.

“Thatcher embodied the hard work, tenacity and resilience that is synonymous with Great Britain. She brought the United Kingdom back from the brink of Socialism by focusing on private business, hard work and limited government intervention. She paved the way for strong female leaders with great ideas and a heart for responsible, compassionate change.

“Her contributions to her country cannot be understated,” continued Lankford. “Her positive relationship with the United States intensified our already strong connection to the British people  We join the international community in mourning the tremendous loss of Margaret Thatcher, but we will not forget her work to serve the poor and all workers by promoting free markets and private initiative,” concluded Lankford.

The Express writes from the UK that “sick left-wing parties celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher broke out last night leaving streets in ruin, windows smashed and police officers injured.

Left-wing groups across the country took part in macabre celebrations of the death of the former British Prime Minister, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Six police officers were injured when a scuffle broke out at a party in Bristol where 200 had gathered.

In Brixton, south London, two women were arrested on suspicion of looting a store and riot police were deployed as the crowds which had been drinking since 5pm became violent.

People climbed the Ritzy cinema billboard to spell out ‘Margaret Thatcher is dead’ while the advertisement for the street party in Bristol read: “Let’s see the evil Tory off in style. May she never ever RIP.”

Details of the event were posted on the Bristol Indymedia website, which lists “10 reasons to hate Thatcher”, including her anti-trade union policies, employment policies, politics of individualism and approach to the Falklands.

Other parties were held across the UK to “celebrate” the death of the former prime minister, including Glasgow and Brixton in London.

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The International Business Times also covers events with a story titled, Dancing on Thatcher’s Grave: Brixton’s Iron Lady Death Party Ends in Looting and Arrests

IBTimes UK reporter Ewan Palmer was at the scene. He said: “There was the notion that this morbid celebration has been planned in thousands of people’s heads for more than 30 years.

“Police stood by and watched as more and more people arrived with their drink and banners mocking her death. Shouts of ‘Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! dead, dead, dead!” rang around gleefully.

“Chalk was handed out so people could graffiti their own message on the ground and surrounding walls.

“There were even two guys playing double bass and acoustic guitar in the crowd for a singalong. At the start of the evening, the whole thing resembled a middle-class music festival more than a raucous demo.

“Almost inevitably after a few hours of people drinking in the streets, this escalated into scenes of unrest between people and riot police, resulting in arrests and even serious injury.”

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