The end of free elections

The Democrat Party has always been at the forefront when it comes to election fraud.  For most people, when you say, “vote fraud,” the word Democrat pops into their head. Same for “dead voter,” “vote early, vote often,” and myriad other catch-words and phrases.  And while they may not have actually invented rigged elections, they have certainly become past masters at pulling them off.

It would seem, however, that now that they have proved they can pull them off on a massive scale, taking advantage of a corrupt Attorney General who refuses to recognize the fraud and intimidation, much less prosecute it, they are growing weary of the effort it takes to even marginally hide the fraud.

An apparently coordinated move is afoot, including actions by Obama and some of the Democrat Party’s ugliest thugs in the House and the Senate, to impose all sorts of federal – read, Democrat – control over elections.

House bills have been put forth ( , forcing states to impose early voting – HR-50, introduced by radical socialist, George Miller (D-CA) ; forcing states to have same-day voter registration – HR-280 – and repealing all state voter ID laws – HR-281, both introduced by radical socialist, Muslim, and racist, Keith Ellison (D-MN); forcing states to allow Internet and automatic voter registration, among other things – HR-289, introduced by James Morgan, described by Michelle Malkin as, “…an inveterate bully, a brawler, a crook and a bigot.” His son was caught by investigative journalist, James O’Keefe, in a voter fraud scheme in October, 2012 (

Well-known miscreant and beneficiary of voter fraud in Nevada, Senate Majority “Leader” Harry Reid (D-NV) has also introduced a seeming innocuous bill, S-9, that is believed to be a vehicle for attaching riders containing the provisions of the House bills, should they fail to pass. And to top it all off, the Illegal Alien-in-the-White House, just a week ago, issued another of his infamous executive orders, establishing a “Presidential Commission of Election Administration,” with nine members, all appointed by him, to submit a report in six months and then be disbanded ( These totally unconstitutional federal intrusions and interference in what are supposed to be state-controlled elections will all be locked in place, well before the 2014 elections.

All of this is going on very quietly, with the traitorous “mainstream” media maintaining either silence, or portraying it as ever-so-good for America. This is true, too, for the provision in ObozoCare applications that asks if the applicant wants to register to vote. BTW, folks, this has been an integral part of welfare applications since Uber-Democrat Clinton’s  Motor Voter Act of 1993 (The Voter Registration Act of 1993).

As usual, the Establishment RINOs who run the Republican Party also seem to have taken a Monkish vow of silence on the issue. And lo and behold, RINO Ben Ginsberg, the Romney campaign’s legal team lead, magically appears as a co-chair of Obama’s puppet election administration commission.  Oh! Bi-partisan Joy!

Add to this the rush to grant amnesty to anywhere from 12 to 20 million criminal invaders – the always-politically-correct Associated Press says we must not use the term, “illegal immigrant” anymore – who, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out back in 2010, could also accurately be called “undocumented Democrats,” we are left with the pretty much inescapable conclusion that by 2014, Republicans, and free elections, will be a thing of the past.

It’s tempting to go on a finger-pointing blame tirade, singling out groups like the four million self-righteous idiots who refused to vote in 2012, making the job of stealing the election for Marxism much easier, or the willfully blind, self-interested Establishment Republicans who put their own lust for power and privilege ahead of the good of the nation, or the lazy and willfully ignorant voters who had no idea of who or what they were voting for but voted anyway, etc., etc., but I won’t. The damage is done, and now we need to focus our energy and efforts on how to slow, or God willing, stop, the juggernaught of totalitarian collectivism that is bearing down on us.

Despite the lies of the Ministry of Propaganda, the Tea Party has not disappeared. Structurally, it is stronger and more organized than ever. What it lacks, it seems, is the widespread, grassroots activism that made it such a powerful force in 2010. We have only a year-and-a-half until 2014, when the Democrat bloodless coup de tat will be a fait accompli. We all need to get actively involved with our local Tea Parties or conservative groups. We need to organize public demonstrations of our total dissatisfaction with, and disapproval of, our government’s policies and actions in recent years. These need to be local and they need to be national. We need to consider a nationwide general strike, too. We – and the government – need to see millions of angry, determined people filling the streets of the Capitol and the cities of the nation – demanding, with no compromise – a return to constitutional government. This is not a game. This is not a theory. It is our reality.