Honest, honerable athletes

SecurityCamIf you want to feel good about America in these days of turmoil, read about the four football players from William Paterson University who entered a local general store in Wayne, N.J., on Sunday afternoon in search of sunglasses and batteries. The door was open, so they let themselves in and got the items they needed, but there were no store employees to be found.

The four men were then captured on surveillance video…leaving money at the register and waving to the cameras. One of the players even dug through his pockets for change to make sure he paid the right amount in tax.

Marci Lederman, Buddy’s Small Lots store manager, said she was happy to see the football players pass on the opportunity to “ransack” or steal items from her store.

“They picked up a few items, and they left cash on the counter and waved to the cameras. Who does that?” Lederman told Yahoo! News.

Apparently, Thomas James, Kell’E Gallimore, Jelani Bruce and Anthony Biondi do “that.”

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Good kids are the glory of a good nation and credit

to their families in every community.

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