Gov. Fallin and presidents support increasing rigor

OU President David Boren and OK Gov. Mary Fallin

OU President David Boren and OK Gov. Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin, University of Oklahoma President David Boren and Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis today released statements in support of higher standards in K-12 public education. Their encouragements came as the Oklahoma State Department of Education released preliminary student test scores based on more rigorous assessments.

OSU Pres. Burns Hargis

OSU President Burns Hargis

Fallin, Boren and Hargis believe these higher standards and increased rigor are essential for improving student performance.

Each addressed the need for student preparation for enrollment in higher education and the economic impact of common education in today’s demanding economy.

Governor Mary Fallin:
“Nothing is more important to the prosperity of this state and its residents than high quality education. To deliver that education and ensure our children have the skills they need to succeed in today’s economy, Oklahoma must raise the bar when it comes to academic standards.

ThinkingUniverse“Oklahoma has great teachers and great schools. If we increase rigor in the classroom, students will rise to the challenge. We know that requiring higher scores on exit exams and standardized tests comes with growing pains. We will work through these challenges with teachers, administrators, parents and students to ensure these higher standards are met. Ultimately, greater rigor in the classroom will empower our children by helping them to achieve success both in school and in the workforce.”

OU President David Boren:
“The University of Oklahoma supports high academic standards across all academic areas.  The new proposed state science standards have included input from many stakeholders, including OU scientists and K12 educators.  We believe the increased rigor will better prepare students for success in STEM fields as they enter college.”

OSU President Burns Hargis:
“Oklahoma State University supports standards that better prepare students for college and inevitably lead to higher retention and graduation rates.  OSU partners with public schools across our state to assist teachers in challenging students in ways that engage them to improve achievement.  We appreciate those who are working hard to improve education for Oklahoma’s students.”

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