Kenya terrorists tortured victims

KenyaMallAttack1The New York Post reports that the Islamic terrorists who stormed a Kenya shopping mall and held it captive for days tortured and mutilated dozens of victims based on their faith, according to a forensics doctor.

Men were found hanging from hooks, after being blinded and castrated in a scene out of a horror movie.  Other hostages had their bodies dismembered and eyes gouged out.

“These are not allegations. These are f–king truths,” the doctor told Kenya’s The Star newspaper.

KenyaMallAttack3The lucky hostages were the ones killed trying to escape, he said.

The bodies of some of the terrorists who died when police retook the mall were burned by their colleagues to disguise their identities, the newspaper said.

So far the bodies of 67 hostages  have been recovered but the death total is certain to rise because 70 people remain missing.

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