Mullet Over #581

GeorgeWashingtonCarverGeorge Washington Carver (1864-1943) discovered more than 300 uses for the common peanut. The brilliant man also developed various commercial products made from soy beans and sweet potatoes. Contrary to common lore, Carver did not invent peanut butter. Various forms of peanut butter were produced and consumed by South America’s Incas several centuries before the famous Dr. Carver was born.

California officials are seriously considering legislation that would make digital electronic license plates available to registered drivers. Possible advantages/disadvantages being cogitated (clean word) include: (1) elimination of renewal stickers and (2) flashing lights that could alert all observers whenever a vehicle is uninsured or has been reported stolen.

LavaLampsThis year’s Design Festival held in London was “highlighted” with a functioning seven foot eight inch Lava Lamp. Early reports indicate that the always-popular red blobs were featured.

“Experts” at the Smithsonian Institution estimate that Americans discard some 100 tons of packaging each day. Who knows what we might be discarding at night?

It was 1938 when Charles Carlson was working in a room above a bar in NYC that he did something that was to have an impact world-wide. He created the first xero-graphic (dry-writing) images. Photocopying was born. He pretty much had to wait until after WWII before he could generate any commercial interest. Finally, in 1949 he partnered with some financial backers to found what would later become Xerox Corporation. Although Charles had graduated from Cal Tech in the 1930’s, he owed the equivalent of $60,000 (in 2010 dollars). He seldom had a dependable source of income as he struggled through the Great Depression and subsequent war years. When Carlson died in 1968, he bequeathed his heirs a very large estate.

Laird’s Law: Most really bad toothaches begin just after dentist offices close Friday.

SquirrelFalling squirrels instinctively use their spread-out legs and fluffed-out tails as parachutes. While the technique is considered to be only partially effective, it is thought to be better than screaming or squirrel-cursing.

France has been ruled by monarchs known as Charles the Fat, Charles the Bold, Charles the Simple and Charles the Well-Served. “Charles” is of German origin and means “free man.” I suppose that might explain why so few women are named Charles. Well, use that squirrel parachute procedure with extreme caution – and enjoy a great weekend.

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