Selective government shutdown

GovShutdownUpdated:  Elizabeth Sheld writing on found an interesting contrast of how President Obama has managed to insert politics in the hyperbole around the government “shutdown.”  The Amber Alert program is offline, but Michell Obama’s healthy child/exercise imitative is up and running healthy.

Sheld writes:

The Amber Alert is a national program that alerts the public when a child has been abducted.  The Department of Justice broadcasts specific information about missing children so the public can be on the look out for the child and/or the abductor.

MichelleObamaMoveIf you type in your browser, you will find that the website redirects to an error message stating that the government shutdown has stopped the program. I am not linking it here because it redirects to an error message.

If you try and visit, Michelle Obama’s healthy child/exercise initiative, no such redirect takes place.

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Updated:  Looks like the administration had a change of heart due to bad publicity. The Amber Alert site is now back online.  Tulsa Today just double checked and it works.

Chalk another one up for new media.  In truth, it is the President of the United States that directs what programs and offices are closed during any reduction of government or budget crisis.  Also remember, it is unconstitutional for the President to refuse to negotiate with Congress – we elect no absolute ruler in America or at least didn’t until President Obama.

Further Fox News is reporting that Republican lawmakers plan to investigate mounting reports that federal officials are kicking families out of their homes and shuttering private businesses because they sit on federal parkland — describing the spectacle as an over-the-top response to the partial government shutdown.

“We are receiving a lot of reports” of businesses being shut down, said Mallory Micetich, spokeswoman for Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee.

She confirmed the committee is investigating these reports, as part of a widening probe into the National Park Service’s response to the partial government suspension.

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