Big Foot focus of class study

Prof Marvin Leeper and folklore class from Murray State College

Prof Marvin Leeper and folklore class from Murray State College

The annual Honobia Big Foot Conference and Festival took on yet another avenue of study last week end, as professor of English and Folklore, Marvin Leeper, made a presentation on how Oklahoma folklore affects a society.  Several members of his folklore class from Murray State College in Tishomingo attended the festival and conference to observe the phenomenon.

Other Conference speakers included independent researchers such as Dr. of Wildlife Science Earnest Ables (ret.) Dr. of Ophthalmology, Jeff Duff, Ron B. formerly with BFRO, and Chris Torado, the Animal Welfare Officer in Oklahoma City.   Harry Keaton, founder of Leflore County Paranormal research also made an interesting presentation.

After all the story telling, Big Foot inspired sports, competitions, arts and crafts, specialized food vendors and new mountain music, the class took a expedition into the woods for some night vision, tree knocking, vocalizations, and other forms of stalking to see if contact could be made with Big Foot.  One of the students commented “Very Interesting”.

BigFootElvisPromoter-Manager of the Festival, Darryl Williams of Wind Walker Sound stated, “Whether it is unexplained science, a manufactured lie, metaphysical, spiritual, or just folklore, the phenomenon is very real.”

The event was held at the old Ludlow Rock School House, presently a community event center.  Thanks to Dale Cline and other members of the community, the property has been maintained since the school closed in 1966, and once again has been used as a center for learning.

Pictured on the steps of the building built by the WPA in 1940, in the first graphic with this story is Professor Leeper and members of his Folklore Class from Murray State College.  Professor Leeper stated “This is definitely Folklore in Action.”  There will be a Folklore Festival held on the campus at Murray State College, November 14, 2013.

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