CMA Awards add country attitude

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

How much do Oklahomans love Carrie Underwood? Too many ways to count for most of us and that affection only deepened as she and Brad Paisley ripped into ObamaCare during their 2013 CMA Awards opening on Tuesday. Country girls have brass and brains.

The pair kicked off a rant about the faulty Affordable Care Act website after the country crooner “injured” himself “twerking.”

“I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done,” quipped Underwood.

The duo then went on to try getting Paisley signed up, launching into a parody song spoofing the problematic roll-out. Here is a thought, if someone cannot build a doorway then how dang well could they build a building on which our lives depend?  Just asking.

As you can hear in the video there were plenty of hoots and hollers.  Some with lower IQs appear stunned that freedom would be exercised against the great and mighty god of government.

Those that worship Obama took to Twitter with rage, but the facts for those Jacks are increasingly clear. The nation is divided between those of country character and those who believe communism – the “useful idiots” as Stalin called them. One group will stand for freedom and the other stand in line (online) for fee-stuff.

Pick a side and get an attitude – this debate is only beginning.