Native film to play Tulsa

MTFBsmHolt Hamilton Productions has announced the Tulsa Premiere of the hilarious and award winning film More Than Frybread that will play at Circle Cinema November 21st in celebration of Native American Heritage Month.

The film tells the fictional story of the First Annual Arizona Frybread Championship competition between the twenty-two Native American Tribes that reside within the state of Arizona. The twenty-two Nations each send their local champion to represent their nation and compete for the coveted title of ‘Arizona Frybread Champion’. The film closely follows five individuals from the Navajo, Hopi, Yavapai-Apache, Hualapai, and Tohono O’odham Nations as they journey from their homelands to the state championship.

MTFBThe film has already had an amazing reception around the country in numerous film festivals, theaters and reservation screenings. The movie has played on almost fifty reservations and reserves across North America. This will be the first screening of the film in Tulsa.

The movie is packed with Native comedians and up and coming performers. The legendary Navajo comedy duo ‘James & Ernie’, Tatanka Means, Pax Harvey, Camille Nighthorse, James Bilagody, Dey & Nite and Tohono O’odham sensation Teresa Choyguha, also known as Shi’Girl, play amazing roles in the film.

Native Reporter MaryKim Titla also plays a lead role in the movie. The film includes over sixty speaking parts and introduces numerous new faces into the fast growing Native cinema scene.

“We’ve waited for months to get to Oklahoma. Small independents always have a difficult time getting any screen time and we are excited to partner with Circle Cinema. Clark was very eager to bring our film and give Native Country something to watch during Native American Heritage Month. They’ve allowed us to finally make it to Tulsa! We’ve had many people through Facebook and other sources cheering for us to come. It feels good to finally allow our Frybread Picture to shine in Tulsa!” Director Holt Hamilton stated recently.

Holt Hamilton Productions also produced other Native American films which include: Turquoise Rose, Blue Gap Boy’z, and Pete & Cleo. Please visit for trailers of all HHP films.  The “More than Frybread” trailer follows.