Mullet Over #587

aliensCartoonA recent survey indicates that 41% of adult Americans believe that extra-terrestrials have visited earth and that these aliens are likely “similar to us.” If similar to me, these poor creatures may have bald heads, large stomachs and sizable credit card debts.

In 1920, a Detroit policeman (William Potts) assigned to vehicle traffic management constructed an electronic light device that enabled him to control three separate street intersections from one location. He selected the colors red, yellow and green because local railroads already used those hues for lantern lenses. Potts had invented the world’s first light system to be used for controlling automobile traffic.

GerrymanderingGerrymandering is the boundary manipulation of electoral districts in order to favor a particular political entity. The term originated in 1812 Massachusetts when Governor Elbridge Gerry used a state map as he creatively redrew regional voting zones. When the governor finished his “artwork,” outer boundaries collectively resembled a salamander. Local newspaper wits created the portmanteau “gerrymandering” and the term is now in widespread use.

Perhaps Israeli legislators have combined elements from the novels 1984 and Animal Farm? By law, each bovine in Israel is to be issued its own identity card within months of birth. The breed, gender, birth date, and issued serial number are recorded. Regulations also require that agriculture officials be notified concerning the date of each cattle death and whether the demise was the result of disease, slaughter, or otherwise.

In the 1960’s, John Dodd and some fellow mechanics assembled a car body and chassis out of various spare parts. They subsequently installed a Merlin Rolls-Royce aircraft engine. While generating “more than 1000 Horsepower,” The Beast reportedly towed a one ton trailer at 107 mph. Alas, while returning from a car show in Stockholm, The Beast somehow caught fire and completely burned despite frantic efforts to save the iconic vehicle.

HurricaneHurricanes/typhoons can render scary levels of destruction. One scientist stated that a Category 5 storm releases energy equivalent to that of a large nuclear bomb detonation for every second that the storm rages.

Archeological evidence implies that the Hopi people have inhabited Oraibi (a village in north-central Arizona) since 1100 A.D. Some archeologists aver that Oraibi is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the U.S.A. Well, be alert for alien financially-challenged bald “grandes estomagos” – and have a great weekend.