TAHU general meeting

UnderwriterThe Tulsa Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU) will be holding its monthly General Membership Meeting Thursday, Jan 16th, 2014 at 11:30 am at the Tulsa Country Club. This month’s speaker will be Dr. Cameron Maynard who will be speaking on the topic of “Cancer Killers”. All health insurance agents are welcome to attend. Attendees will receive 1 hour of CE credit.”

Dr. Cameron Maynard is a doctor on a mission to get patients functioning so they can come off of unnecessary medication and avoid life-threatening surgeries.

Dr. Cameron Maynard

Dr. Cameron Maynard

“Oklahoma is #1 in prescription drug deaths, which are nearly twice the national average, and the majority of those drug deaths came from drugs prescribed for back pain. Five out of 6 people will die of either heart disease or cancer, and it is estimated that 95-98% of those deaths are preventable. Patients can fully realize their potential and leave a legacy for their families if they take the proper steps.”

Dr. Maynard is a Maximized Living Chiropractic Physician who changes the way people view and maximize their health care by implementing the 5 essentials of Maximized Living: 1) Mind, 2) Nerve Supply, 3) Nutrition, 4) Oxygen and Lean Muscle Mass, and 5) Minimize Toxins.

As a Maximized Living Mentor, Maynard believes that if you do these 5 things effectively, you truly become HEALTHY. The mission is about addressing the CAUSE of the issue and not just covering up a lifetime of symptoms.

Dr. Maynard was born and raised in Florida, attended Friends University in Wichita, KS on a football scholarship, and then went on to Chiropractic School at Life University in Atlanta, GA. Upon graduating, he practiced in Atlanta, Chicago and Naples, FL, and is now proud to call Tulsa home. “I have never lived in a friendlier community that has such a focus on family.”

He served on the Wellness Advisory Board for the U.S.A Wrestling, Judo, Martial Arts and Powerlifting teams and is traveling to London as a delegate for the U.S.A. teams as they compete in the 2012 Olympic games. When not working with Olympic athletes, Dr. Maynard works with patients across the state that want to minimize or eliminate their daily medications. He hopes Tulsa can set the example of health for the state. “My patients inspire me every day. The courage it takes for them to become the health leaders within their circles of influence is like watching a child take their first step – truly miraculous.”

TAHU is an organization committed to helping insurance agents, consumers of healthcare, and those responsible for benefits by providing continuing education, up-to-date industry information, networking, and a collective voice on political issues that shape our industry. With membership in TAHU, you can get all of this in one place.”