Free the Congress

BarackObamaFrontmanEditorial: Since 1931, the Democrats have controlled both the Senate and the House of Representatives for 28 of the 42 sessions. The House has been controlled by them during 32 sessions, and the Senate for 31. While in control, Democrats prolonged the Great Depression for years longer than it lasted in the rest of the world, instituting numerous unconstitutional socialist policies that still haunt us today. The got us into the Korean War, which has never officially ended; into the Vietnam War, that lasted 20 years and took over 58,200 American lives; and they have been in control during the past four sessions, yet have chosen not to end the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, and sat mute while Obama illegally joined the attack on Libya. They have done nothing to stop the running of guns from Libya to the al Qaeda dominated Syrian rebels, an illegal scheme that resulted in the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and three additional American government employees.

Since 1964, the beginning of Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and its “War on Poverty”, Democrats have spent over $15 trillion – that’s $15,000,000,000,000 – of the taxpayer’s hard-earned money on hundreds of welfare programs. Fifty years of unconstitutional welfare profligacy later and the percentage of people in “poverty” remains almost exactly the same. What has changed is that the government agencies that manage these failed programs have multiplied and grown exponentially, staffed mainly by – you guessed it – Democrats. While Democrats have been in control, the national debt has gone from $17 billion in 1931 to the mind-boggling $17 trillion that hangs over us like the Sword of Damocles, today.

BarackObamaClassWarThis is an incredible, appalling record. But there’s more. For a party that claims to be the Guardians of the Poor, the Workers, and the Middle Class, they sure have acted like just the opposite. Thousands upon thousands of Americans, mostly from the very classes they claim to look out for, have died in their wars, not to mention the millions of soldiers and civilians in the countries where the Democrat wars took place. Their welfare programs have destroyed the families of the poor, especially of black people, virtually guaranteeing the nearly 50 per cent of black male children from the single parent homes that welfare has promulgated will end up in prison. Unemployment is unprecedented and unabated.

I could go on and on – fanatic Democrat support for abortion and ObamaCare, for instance – but space is limited and it’s time to cut to the chase.

PoliticansBadDuring the run-up to the 2012 election, the brilliant know-it-alls of the Republican establishment pooh-poohed the notion that winning the Senate was more important than winning the presidency. So instead of ensuring that a majority of conservatives ruled in both houses of Congress, and thus would be able to actually present and pass a fiscally responsible budget, or – and this is perhaps an even bigger point – be able to impeach and convict a lawless and out of control president, they put all their efforts into supporting one of their own – liberal, guaranteed loser, John McCain – and left the Senate candidates to fend for themselves.

In 2012, the Tea Party, with almost zero help from the RINO Establishment returned control of the House to Republicans, mostly pretty solid conservatives who passed dozens of bills that would have gone a long way toward setting us back on the path to fiscal and social sanity. However, all these bills died, killed by the fascist Senate Majority Misleader, Harry Reid, his lock-step Democrats, and the dependable complicity of at least six, and as many as 12, running dog Republicans In Name Only.

Is Barack Obama our King George?Had we controlled the Senate, it would have forced Obama to become King Veto, the Monarch of No. Even the Ministry of Propaganda, aka the “mainstream” media, wouldn’t have been able to spin this blatant thwarting of the will of the people. In the 1990s, Republican control of Congress did indeed keep a lid on the radicalism of the Clinton administration. Unfortunately, the power-hungry RINO Establishment allied with their kindred tax-and-spend Democrat counterparts, and by 2005 had lost their majorities in both the House and the Senate. The result of this greed for power and political ineptitude is painfully obvious.

The election of 2014 is a golden opportunity to turn all this around. The Tea Party has showed its strength and political acumen and is poised to do again what it did in 2012. This time, though, we need to put more effort into taking back the Senate. The Senate Conservative Fund (, a major player in blessing us with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, is supporting five candidates that we should all get behind:

TulsaVoteSmartMatt Bevin, in Kentucky; Rob Mannes, in Louisana; Chris McDaniel, in Mississippi; Ben Sasse, in Nebraska; and Milton Wolf, in Kansas.

Check these guys out. You will find they are solid, genuine conservatives. Let’s get them elected and take back the majority. Then, in 2016, let’s make it a veto-proof one.