Obama’s Justice selective enforcement


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Kerri Toloczko writing for Forbes offers an excellent review: “How Obama’s Justice Department Selectively Blocks Mergers By Republican CEOs“.  Don’t confuse this with selective IRS political persecution or attacking critical journalists or blatant criminality in failing to properly respond to Congress by the top law enforcement officer in the nation, Attorney General Eric Holder.  This is something else, but also under Holders department – the apparent Department of Injustice, Cronyism and Racialism.

Toloczko writes:
Like all mergers, the proposed $45.2 billion Comcast CMCSA +1.5% merger with Time Warner Cable TWC +1%—the largest and second largest cable providers in the nation—has its advocates and critics.  There are certainly important questions about what impact the merger would have on consumers—but there are equally significant issues associated with the highly politicized approval process.

EricHolderBarackObamaThe Obama Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, must review the merger and decide whether to approve or block it.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Justice Department have a long track record of pushing the rule of law aside and making decisions based on politics.   Will the proposed Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable receive the scrutiny it deserves, or simply be fast-tracked for approval based on politics?

Let’s look at some history—which is detailed in a new Frontiers of Freedom report.  In 2009, the Obama Administration gave Solyndra, a failing California solar panel firm, a $536 million “loan.”  Shortly thereafter, Solyndra was fully bankrupt.  Prior to the loan, Solyndra executives and board members gave generously to Barack Obama, including Tulsa oil billionaire and Obama bundler George Kaiser, one of Solyndra’s main investors.

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in Tulsa.

UnitedHealth Group is expecting higher earnings thanks to ObamaCare.  After United supported passing the plan, one of its subsidiaries, Quality Software Services, Inc. won a contract of $90 million for the rollout of Healthcare.gov.  UnitedHealth’s Executive Vice President Anthony Welters and his wife are significant Obama donors and bundlers.  The Administration did not perceive any conflict of interest in providing the nation’s largest health insurer with the keys to Healthcare.gov.

If money buys favors from the Obama Administration, a lack of it produces the opposite.

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