Retire County Assessor Ken Yazel

Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel.  Photo by David Arnett

Assessor Ken Yazel. Photo by David Arnett

Analysis: The most dishonest public official ever elected in Tulsa County may be retired in the Primary Election this Tuesday. Let us all vote so.

In short – Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel is crazy as a loon, but with a small group of rabid followers represents the parasites on the extreme tip of the right wing of politics in our community. They weave conspiracy theories to advance personal agendas repeatedly disproven and Yazel is their Master beating his drum of distain and division.


County debate 2012. Photo by David Arnett

Too strong an opening you may wonder? Yazel is a proven demagogue (a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than rational argument) that this writer has repeatedly exposed for years. Ken Yazel disparages my name in his public speeches primarily because he cannot dispute facts covered in the story published in 2012 titled, “Assessing the Assessor’s debate” click here for that story.

What is funny is that Yazel in this election cycle is using old campaign material and radio ads from his previous campaigns. It really doesn’t matter. His tired refrain is that everyone else is a crook and only he stands righteous in protecting taxpayers. That has always been a lie.

KenYazelTCAssessorThere have been no smears from his opponent as Yazel’s ads proclaim. No one needs to smear Yazel when the truth is so readily available. The previously linked story goes into detail, but in short what Assessor Yazel so often asserts should be done would be illegal to do. Further he asserts theories in the operation of his office contrary to the Constitution of Oklahoma and all legal opinion.

In just one example of Yazel’s duplicity: While he claims to be saving money – his office spent $336,000 more this year in operation than the Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office which covers more square miles and includes significantly more parcels of land.

In the last 24 months, Yazel missed 50% of all Tulsa County Budget Board Meetings – missing in action is the fact disputing Yazel’s claim of being the “watchdog” for citizens.

Even the Tulsa World Editorial Board weighed in writing in 2012, “Yazel has plenty of allegations to make, all issued in the harshest, most hurtful possible language. What he doesn’t have is evidence, because there is none. He simply lobs an outlandish claim and then says, ‘Wear yourself out proving me wrong.’ That is not responsible behavior by an elected leader. In fact, it is irresponsible. Yazel is a bully and a loose cannon …

John Feary.  Photo by David Arnett

John Feary. Photo by David Arnett

Republican John Feary is running against Yazel in the primary election Tuesday and the race then will be decided as no Democrat filed for the position. Feary is an experienced and qualified candidate dedicated to honest, efficient and responsible policies to protect taxpayers.

This writer early urged Feary to run because of his experience in both the Tulsa County Assessor Office and with the City of Owasso. Behind the scenes, many considered challenging Yazel for the office, but because of “bullying” tactics by Yazel Yahoos (including bloggers and anonymous Facebook pundits) it was anticipated to be a nasty battle.

Yard signs for Feary have been stolen from private property and other childish activity has occurred. Regardless, Feary has taken the high road and has not attacked Yazel personally.

This week, I visited the Tulsa County Republican Party Headquarters and inadvertently met a Yazel Yahoo who challenged my known support of John Feary. While I was willing to discuss the details of my objection to Yazel and support for Feary, he would not hear it. He resorted to the Bible quote, “Those without sin should cast the first stone.”

John Feary campaigning. Photo by David Arnett

John Feary campaigning. Photo by David Arnett

In response, I suggested that by that standard no one in the room should be speaking, but then I went home and checked my Bible and found it consistently supports truth telling and objects to those who lie, abuse authority and push other people around so my objection to Ken Yazel remains absolute.

John Feary is the right choice for Tulsa County Assessor.