Cube convenience drive-through

Concept drawing

Concept drawing

The recently reported there is a new convenience concept under development in Norman. It’s a drive-through convenience store called the Cube.

A convenient kind of convenience store, only don’t call it that, company co-founder Jake Sharp told the

“Convenience store seems like such a dirty word these day,” Sharp said. “Neighborhood concierge is the best thing we could come up with.

Apparently, Mr. Sharp doesn’t visit QuikTrip.

Sharp told that the new store will offer lattes and cappuccinos, as well as fresh food items like pastries, sandwiches and wraps. Freshly baked pizza also will be on the menu, as well as health and beauty and grocery items. Customers will be able to order items from their smart phones using a mobile app, and have those items waiting to pick up when they arrive.

Sharp, who owns two drive-thru tobacco shops in Lawton, said he saw demand for a store that was targeted at customers who don’t want to get out of their cars to grab a gallon of milk or diapers.

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