Operation Protective Edge continues

IsraelIDFUpdated: On Day 3 of Operation Protective Edge, the Jerusalem Post is reporting a barrage of rockets from Gaza fired at cities across Israel as the missile defense system “Iron Dome” shoots down a number of rockets over Tel Aviv, and other cities in central Israel.

Rockets were fired at the Jerusalem area on Thursday evening with  two of the projectiles being shot down by the Iron Dome. Two other rockets fell in open areas.

No injuries or damage were initially reported in the attacks.

How long would you tolerate rocket fire landing at your neighborhood gas station?

How long would you tolerate rocket fire landing at your neighborhood gas station?

Earlier on Thursday afternoon Code Red sirens sounded in several communities throughout the country as Israel’s anti-rocket system successfully intercepted a barrage of Hamas-fired projectiles over the Shfela region. Audible explosions were also heard in the Tel Aviv area , although no Code Red siren proceeded the explosions.

Sirens sounded in areas of central Israel surrounding Tel Aviv, such as Lod, Ramle, and the Shfela, which absorbed a heavy barrage.

One of many Iron Dom sites protecting Israel

One of many Iron Dom sites protecting Israel

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted 8 projectiles over the skies of the Shfela region, including greater Rehovot. Remnants of the rockets were spotted near the city as well just minutes after sirens were heard in the Bilu District, Beit Hanan, Yavne, and Nes Ziona.

Siren were also sounded in southern cities Ashdod and Ashkelon and the smaller communities adjacent to the Gaza frontier. A house in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council was struck, sustaining damage.

IDF action continues

IDF action continues

Since early Thursday morning, Palestinians have launched some 80 rockets at southern and central Israel.

Hamas is claiming that ten of those rockets included a new type of projectile that it maintained in its arsenal and used for the first time ever – the Iranian-manufactured “Sejil-55.”

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Breitbart.com notes today that Hamas targeting of Israel’s Dimona Reactor meets the definition of ‘Nuclear Terrorism.’

NuclearExplosionLong proudly identifying itself as a terrorist organization, Hamas claimed late Wednesday that it attempted to target Israel’s nuclear reactor in the desert town of Dimona by firing three long-range M-75 rockets at the facility.

One of the rockets was destroyed in mid-flight by Israel’s Iron Dome system, and two fell harmlessly in the rocky Negev. However, merely by targeting the nuclear facility, Hamas has committed nuclear terrorism, according to United Nations treaties.

Article 2 (1) of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism states:

    1. Any person commits an offence within the meaning of this Convention if that person unlawfully and intentionally…(b)…uses or damages a nuclear facility in a manner which releases or risks the release of radioactive material: (i) With the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury; or (ii) With the intent to cause substantial damage to property or to the environment; or (iii) With the intent to compel a natural or legal person, an international organization or a State to do or refrain from doing an act.

The treaty defines “nuclear facility” to include civilian nuclear reactors, as well as “any plant or conveyance being used for the production, storage, processing or transport of radioactive material.”

UnitedNationsFlagFailAnd the odds of the United Nations General Assembly dominated by the 57 member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) actually doing something about it?  Very low!

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