Grand Jury calls for removal of Greer County Court Clerk

Sandy Hopingardner

Sandy Hopingardner

The Oklahoma Multicounty Grand Jury has issued a removal application against the Greer County court clerk, Attorney General Scott Pruitt said Thursday. The removal application issued by the multicounty grand jury accuses Sandy Hopingardner of financial mismanagement in her duties as Greer County court clerk.

Hopingardner is accused of failing to maintain accurate and complete financial business records, failing to use monies collected and deposited in the Greer County Treasurer’s Office designated for the court’s operations and failing to collect and disburse fees and assessments to appropriate agencies including the Oklahoma Court Information System Revolving Fund, the Office of Attorney General Victim Services Unit and the Greer County District Attorney’s Office, among others.

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The removal application also accuses Hopingardner of exceeding the appropriate budget of the Greer County Clerk’s Office on multiple occasions without prior authorization of the chief justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The removal application was the only action taken by the multicounty grand jury during its July session. The grand jury will meet at its next scheduled session Aug. 19-21.

Click here for a copy of the removal application. Click here for a copy of Interim Report No. 15.