Youth may apply for bonus deer hunts

DeerAntilerlessYouth1Beginning young hunters will have a chance this fall to participate in bonus antlerless deer hunts that will take place on private lands in four Oklahoma counties.

Youths may submit applications for the hunts that will be held Oct 3-5 in Osage County; Nov. 7-8 in Ellis County; Oct 17 (with orientation Oct. 16) in Love County; and Nov. 21-22 in Carter County.

“These hunts are on private property and should provide young hunters a great opportunity to see some deer as well as a chance to harvest a doe,” said Bill Dinkines, assistant chief of wildlife for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

DeerAntilerlessYouth2“The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission has endorsed the youth hunt program, and we are thankful for the landowners’ willingness to allow these kids the opportunity to hunt on their property.”

This year, 53 youths will be selected in a random drawing to receive one of the bonus private lands antlerless deer gun licenses. To be eligible, youths must have completed their hunter education requirements prior to applying, and they must be 12 to 17 years old at the time of their scheduled hunt.

Eligible youths may apply by going online to and submitting the required information. Or applicants can submit a 3-by-5-inch index card by mail or in person with this information:
• Hunter’s first and last name.
• Date of birth.
• Mailing address.
• Telephone number.
• Hunter education certification number.
• Social Security or driver’s license number.
• Lifetime hunting or combination license number, if applicable.
• Accompanying adult’s* first and last name.
• List of hunts in order of preference.**

*Each youth participating in these hunts must have an adult (licensed or unlicensed) at least 21 years old accompany him or her on the hunt.

**List the hunts in the order you would prefer to attend. Do not list any hunts you are not interested in attending or those you know in advance you could not attend.

Mail application cards to Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Attn: Wildlife Division “Private Lands Youth Deer Hunts,” P.O. Box 53465, Oklahoma City, OK 73152. All applications must be received by Friday, Aug 15.

Antlerless deer taken by selected applicants during these hunts are considered bonus deer and will not count toward the hunter’s statewide season limit.

Applicants whose names are selected will receive a notification letter that includes specific information about their hunt and the deadline for buying the required license(s) as listed:

• For residents ages 12-15: Lifetime Hunting or Lifetime Combination License OR $10 Controlled Hunts Private Lands Youth Deer License**
• For residents ages 16-17: Lifetime Hunting or Lifetime Combination License OR Resident Annual Youth Hunting plus $10 Controlled Hunts Private Lands Youth Deer License** OR Resident Fiscal Year Hunting plus $10 Controlled Hunts Private Lands Youth Deer License**
• For nonresidents ages 12-17: $201 Controlled Hunts Nonresident Private Lands Youth Deer License**

**NOTE: The $10 resident or the $201 nonresident Controlled Hunts Private Lands Youth Deer License will be issued in lieu of the open season license and must be purchased through Wildlife Department headquarters. Apprentice-designated licenses are not allowed because of the hunter education requirement.