Christian Leader: ISIS beheading children

IslamISIS1The Gateway Pundit has posted video of a Chaldean Christian Leader asserting ISIS is beheading children in Iraq. This CNN video interview posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, August 7, 2014, 11:33 PM is chilling.

Mark Arabo, national spokesman for “Ending Genocide in Iraq,” spoke with CNN about the decimation of the Christian community by ISIS in Iraq.

“A Christian Holocaust is in our mist. We are actually calling this a Christian genocide… Day by day, it is getting worse and worse. More children are being beheaded. Mothers are being raped and killed. Fathers are being hung. Right now, 300,000 Christians are fleeing Iraq and living in neighboring cities.”

In a separate report from Barnabas Aid, an international effort of hope and relief for persecuted Christians, Mosul’s Christians have been told to “convert to Islam, pay the jizya tax of subjugation or die”. They are being robbed of all they own as they run for their lives. Their properties have been marked and seized; their historic churches lie in ruins.

We insist that what has been inflicted on our people in Mosul is a war crime. Forced displacement on the basis of religious belief, be it Islam or Christianity, is a crime against humanity… Despite what it is going through, we wish to see our beloved Iraq united … We demand that the Iraqi government protect the rights of the Christians to remain in their land and live with dignity.

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Click here for more from Barnabas Aid on the ongoing slaughter Mosul. Donations made online to Barnabas Aid go directly to support multiple types of aid on the ground for Christian communities under direct attack and persecution.
ChristiansAttacked3Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, Barnabas Aid’s International Director, said,There have been Christians in Mosul for almost 2,000 years. Now, because of the barbaric and cruel actions of Islamist militants, our brothers and sisters are being forced to flee their city with nothing. They desperately need our prayers, solidarity and support.”