Harvest Festival starts Wednesday

HarvestFestivalUpdated: The Harvest Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain kicks off their ninth season with yoga, trail walks and music, lots and lots of folk and eclectic music. The four day event (Wednesday, October 15 to Saturday, the 18) is located outside of Ozark, Arkansas. The Harvest Music Festival is the scenic route off the Top 40 Interstate.

This festival is a unique opportunity for music fans to hear innovative groups from around the United States.

Click here for the full music schedule: http://yonderharvestfestival.com/stage-schedule/

CarolinaChocolateDropsOne of the acts on Friday night at 7:30 on the Bud Light stage is the Grammy winning North Carolina Chocolate Drops. The Chocolate Drops won their Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album. The Chocolate Drops perform folk, jigs, jazz and black songs from the south.

On Wednesday evening at 8:45 Coyote Union, a garage group from Mountain Home, Arkansas will perform on the Woodchuck Cider Backwoods Stage. Coyote Union performs keyboards, drums, guitar and fiddle. Coyote Union will perform again on Saturday night at 8:15 at the Backwoods Stage. On Friday evening the band will perform at 5 on the Mothers Brewing Company Roost Stage.

One Ounce Jig

One Ounce Jig

The Oh Hellos are a Texas based band that perform mellow songs. The Oh Hellos perform Thursday night 7 on the Bud Light stage.

One Ounce Jig is a funk band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They perform at 3:30 Friday afternoon on the Mother’s Brewing Company Roost Stage.

Red Eye Gravy is a Rockabilly group that defines their music as “Oklahoma Cowpunk.” They will perform at 6:30 on Thursday evening at the Mothers Brewing Company Roost Stage and again on Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon at the Woodchuck Cider Backwoods Stage.



Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk is a New Orleans based funk band. They will perform on Saturday evening at 8:00 in the Harvest Tent.

Mountain Sprout is a bluegrass band that sings humorous songs about being late for the show, dry counties where you can’t get a drink, the government and smoking weed. They perform at Friday night/Saturday morning at 12:30 on the Woodchuck Cider stage if they are on time and also Thursday afternoon, 2-3 on the Bud Light Main Stage, and Friday night 12:30am-2am at the Backwoods stage.

These are just a few of the acts at the Harvest Music Festival at Yonder Mountain. Tickets are $160 for a three day general admission, two day for $105, Thursday only $65, Friday only $65 and Saturday only $75.

The Harvest Music Festival’s web site is: http://yonderharvestfestival.com/

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