State monument destroyed

TenCommandmentsMonumentUpdated: FOX25 in OKC is reporting that the U.S. Secret Service has arrested a suspect for allegedly destroying the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

OHP troopers discovered the crashed monument around 7:00 p.m. Thursday evening.  Troopers found an abandoned vehicle that had been driven into the statue.

The Secret Service tells FOX25 they arrested the suspect after he went to the Federal Court building, admitted to crashing his car into the statue and then making threatening statements against President Barack Obama.

Governor Mary Fallin today condemned the violence against the Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol and volunteered to help raise private funds to restore it.

FOX25 also received a statement from ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director Ryan Kiesel:

“The ACLU of Oklahoma and our clients are outraged at this apparent act of vandalism. While we have and continue to seek the removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol grounds through the judicial process, the Ten Commandments constitute a strong foundation in our clients’ deeply held religious beliefs. To see the Ten Commandments desecrated by vandals is highly offensive to them as people of faith. Our Oklahoma and Federal Constitutions seek to create a society in which people of all faiths and those of no faith at all can coexist as equals without fear of repressions from the government or their neighbors. Whether it is politicians using religion as a political tool or vandals desecrating religious symbols, neither are living up to the full promise of our founding documents.”

“This monument was built to memorialize the historical significance of the Ten Commandments in guiding our own laws and lives,” said Fallin.

“It is absolutely appalling that someone would vandalize anything at the Oklahoma State Capitol – the People’s Building – much less a monument of such significance,” Fallin added.

The Ten Commandments monument was paid for with private funds from Rep. Mike Ritze. Governor Fallin has offered her assistance to Rep. Ritze to help lead any private fundraising efforts necessary to rebuild the monument.

“Our monument will be rebuilt and restored,” said Fallin. “The people of Oklahoma will not stand for acts of violence against the Capitol or its monuments.”

“Authorities are currently investigating this criminal act. The person or people responsible for this crime will be caught and held responsible.”

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