If they lie, does it count?

BarackObamaSpeakingCrazyEyesAnalysis: If a commercial transaction is won by misrepresentation it is fraud. If those elected pass law in the same way, it cannot, by any right, hold as law. It is fraud. It is evil. It is the old fantasy that a group of self-aggrandizing pricks can lie, cheat, steal and abusively rule over others better than free people can rule themselves.

Thus we come to GruberGate, were Jonathan Gruber demonstrates the brilliance of American Voters by calling them stupid. Americans do not support policy bad for themselves which is why President Obama, Democrats and founts of hubris like Gruber must lie thus proving the opposite of his words. If they told the truth, they would be rejected with all their nasty plans.

BarackObamaLyingIf truth matters and words have common meaning, Obamacare will be discarded to the dust heap of failed socialist experiments. Then American statesmen of goodwill can fix healthcare. Healthcare can work to  provide for the needy without pushing budgets over a cliff and best directly between patients and doctors.

Republicans would do that and retiring Senator Dr. Coburn (R-OK) has often explained how, but back to the Goober Gruber in the following “best of” video.

Don’t be upset. Obama only lies when his lips move. Republicans are coming. Adults will be returned to governance of the United States of America. No matter what media may think or say, Americans are better than the current crowd of clowns in this Administration.

But if you think this writer harsh, check out Rush Limbaugh’s analysis that President Obama is a sociopathic liar by clicking here.

North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un with graphic enhancements

Kim Jong-un loves the Goober Gruber

Gruber the Goober further has no respect for seniors (only respects himself like any tyrant). According to the now famous M.I.T. graduate (they must mostly teach arrogance) “Seniors do a terrible job of choosing” health care plans. Click here for more from Fox News.  What a smart man this Goober Gruber must be in making millions lying like a dog for the beloved leader.

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