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EarthFromSpace1Trivia Truths:  You think that you have weight-gain problems? Scientists have calculated that the earth averages a gain of approximately 80,000 pounds of mass each day due to crashing meteors and a variety of other space debris.

Helium is the element that has the lowest boiling point (-452.1 degrees Fahrenheit).



In case it comes up today – granite conducts sound at a rate that is approximately ten times the speed of sound in ordinary air.

There exists a yellow fruit called a Yuzu (Citrus ichangensis x C. reticulata) that is moderately popular in parts of Asia. The Yuzu is far sourer than most lemons and is exceptionally fragrant. The fruit is said to require “a cultured taste” and is used in the preparation of various Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines. Caution: These Yuzu should never be confused with Yazoo, kazoo or kudzu.

Dr. Mary Walker

Dr. Mary Walker

For service during the American Civil War and on the recommendation of William Tecumseh Sherman, President Andrew Johnson awarded Dr. Mary Walker the Medal of Honor (1866). In 1917, the U.S. federal government requested that the medal be returned because it was not earned during live combat against an enemy of our nation. Mary Walker was still alive in 1917 and refused to return the medal. She made it a point to wear the award often and publicly the rest of her life (died 1919). In 1977, President Jimmy Carter restored the medal and all accompanying honors to Dr. Walker. To date, Mary Walker is the only woman to have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

There are only two species of elephants extant on earth. These two species (Asian and African) are the only animals on the planet that naturally have exactly 4 knees.

Subsequent to the death of icon Elvis Presley, an extensive inventory was conducted at his Graceland mansion. Elvis kept two rare Stutz Blackhawks and a Ford Bronco on the grounds. There were a lot of other items, including expensive and unique treasures. Graceland is currently a showplace and is owned by the Presley family. Most of the site is open to the public (for a price).

Well, use your Yuzu judiciously – and have an excellent weekend.

Editor’s Note: Tulsa Today has published James White’s columns for years and we enjoy the historic, scientific, and cultural trivia he gathers – especially when “stupid is as stupid does” in politics fails to brighten our days. Let us know below what you think.

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