Paris terror suspects surrounded – second group in market

Graphic: Sky News

Graphic: Sky News

Sky News is reporting that after breaking cover and a highway police chase, the Paris terror suspects are holed up at an industrial building near Charles de Gaulle airport with a hostage and have told police they are ready to “die as martyrs”. Another group of attackers are holed up in a kosher supermarket.

One of the “heavily armed” Kouachi brothers turned up at a printing factory wearing black combat gear and a bulletproof vest and claimed to be a police officer. He then told a worker: “Get out of here, we don’t kill civilians.”

Helicopters are hovering overhead and armed police officers have flooded the area, surrounding Said and Cherif Kouachi. An army tank has been spotted nearby.

Paris attackers - Photo: Sky News

Paris attackers – Photo: Sky News

Local residents are being told to stay at home, switch off the lights, and stay away from their windows. Hundreds of people are sealed inside some local office buildings, while several schools have been evacuated.

Police are now negotiating by phone with the two suspects, whose hostage is reported to be a 26-year-old man.

At least two planes have aborted landing attempts at the airport as the situation unfolds.

Sky’s Robert Nisbet said the operation is complex and the police are moving at a deliberately slow pace.

“What we are sensing here is no panic, they are taking this very slowly indeed. This operation is complex, this is not something they want to rush.” The feed below from Sky News is live.

Click here for more with additional video from Sky News.

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