TPD Foundation sparks start

TPDtaserThe Tulsa Police Department (TPD) Foundation held a kickoff fundraiser last week with shocking results. Established last year, the foundation is raising awareness of and support for the Tulsa Police Department to benefit both officers and citizens – enhancing community safety and security.

The Foundation plans several programs for the Police Department based on identified needs. The first project is funding the donation of 400 Conducted Electrical Weapons known as Tasers and the first donation of 100 Tasers is anticipated within the next 45 days.

Chairman Roger Chasteen takes charge

Roger Chasteen takes charge

TPD Foundation Chairman Roger Chasteen, volunteered to be Tasered. After dinner and a presentation by author and former Chief of CIA Counterintelligence James M. Olson, Chasteen was joined on stage by several officers. Demonstrating the Taser X2’s capabilities, Chasteen was Tasered in front of an audience of business leaders and guests. Chasteen then walked back to the podium (after a short recovery) and continued his speech on the Taser’s safety advantages.

“Research shows that a department-wide use of Tasers reduces incidents of officer injury up to 86% and citizen injury up to 79%. It also lowers excessive force claims by 95% and workman’s comp claims by 93%” said Chasteen. “And there are countless examples of lives being saved due to the less lethal force applied by Tasers. I believe our police department, citizens and our city will greatly benefit from this program.”

For more information on the Taser program and other efforts underway, Click here to reach the TPD Foundation site.

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