Tackling the red cedar menace

Eastern Cedar Tree

Eastern Cedar Tree

KRMG Reporter Russell Mills offers an excellent story on an Oklahoma lawmaker “taking another swing at cutting down a growing problem in Oklahoma, specifically an invasive species of tree that’s proven extremely dangerous.”

Mills reports, “Rep. Richard Morrissette (D-Oklahoma City) says the eastern red cedar is taking over 700 acres a day in the state. And with the ongoing drought, it doesn’t help that each tree can consume between 40 and 80 gallons of water daily.

“The trees grow quickly, and are taking over vast swaths of prairie and farm land.

Eastern Cedar Trees grow quickly

Eastern Cedar Trees grow quickly

“The real problem is they burn like torches, practically exploding into flame and spreading burning embers over a wide area.

“Morrissette estimates the state loses $400 million annually in lost water, grazing land, and the destruction of wildlife habitat,” KRMG’s Mills reports.

Click here for more from KRMG.

The KRMG story includes links to the bills filed, details of the specific plan Morrissette proposes to eliminate infestations and a wildfire video showing how quickly the trees burn.

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