Gov. Fallin cleans the record

Gov. Mary Fallin

Gov. Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin Friday signed an executive order that carries forward 24 executive orders from her and previous administrations and eliminates dozens of others.

The governor has decided not to renew nearly 70 executive orders, some of which date back 56 years. Many of the orders not being renewed deal with outdated policies and agencies or are inconsistent with federal law. Some of them include:

• A 1986 order dealing with the now defunct Oklahoma Pecan Commission.
• A 1997 order designating the now defunct Oklahoma Amateur Sports Commission to advise the governor on the promotion of amateur sports.

“I’m bringing forward just those executive orders that are pertinent to managing government,” said Fallin. “This is just another example of getting rid of the clutter that state government accumulates over the years and making it more efficient.”

Thirteen of the 24 executive orders renewed in today’s executive order were issued by Fallin. They include:
MaryFallinWelcome• Prohibiting the use of tobacco products on all properties owned, leased or contracted for use by the state.
• Requiring state agencies to submit an electronic copy of proposed permanent rules to the governor and the appropriate Cabinet secretary.
• Prohibiting the use of electronic cigarette or vaping devices on all properties owned, leased or contracted for use by the state of Oklahoma, excluding residents at state veterans homes.
• Designating Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb as Oklahoma’s small business advocate.

The governor also carried forward several executive orders from former Governor Brad Henry, including one that prohibits state employees from texting while driving when using state vehicles, state electronic equipment or when on state business. Other executive orders carried forward were issued by former Governors Frank Keating and David Walters.

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