SMU seismologists find old fault

Earthquake1CBSDFW.COM is reporting a new/old suspected cause for recent earthquakes in the area. Contrary to the anti-energy leftist claims of blame; seismologists have identified a fault line 2 miles long and 3 to 5 miles deep that runs through Irving and into Dallas, Texas.

“This is not new faulting. This is not the formation of a new fault this is just reactivation of a fault that’s probably hundreds of millions of years old,” explains SMU Seismologist Heather DeShon.

In the area of the newly identified fault are: buildings, businesses, high-rises, and residents.

EarthquakeDetailThe SMU seismology team says the fault stretches from state highway 114 in Irving and extends north-by-north east to Walnut Hill in West Dallas through an area of: buildings, businesses, high-rises, and residents. No final conclusion has yet been reached.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city is looking at it’s building codes. “Whether we change them or not is a separate discussion but I know the city manager is examining that,” says Mayor Rawlings.

That unpredictability is on the minds of many. There hasn’t been a noticeable earthquake in that area since January 23rd, but researchers say they are measuring many tiny earthquakes.

They hope to pinpoint the fault’s location and find the specific documented cause.

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For the record, “nature” is a robust interaction of countless complex and interconnecting systems. The planet is always moving, changing, shifting and, as we fly through space at incredible speed, the assertion that man’s activities are at fault for all change is fatally flawed if not stupid. The planet is much bigger than man. The environmental systems are much larger, more interconnected and complicated than the best scientists can detail. Hubris has no place in science and science will always have much more to learn. Wise scientists are most often humble and frequently exclaim in praise – Go God.

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