I-244 improvement project begins

I244A bumpy section of Interstate 244 in Tulsa is on its way to being smoothed out over the next 15 months thanks in part to quick action by the Legislature to provide state funding aimed at improving the section of roadway.

Beginning today, the first of two projects along I-244 are underway. The first project replaces three miles of pavement on the freeway between 73rd Ave. East and Delaware Ave. Various lane and ramp closures will occur during the construction.

Rep. Ken Walker praised the efforts to bring funding to this project.

Rep. Ken Walker

Rep. Ken Walker

“As vice chairman of the Appropriations and Budget Committee on Transportation, I am pleased the state legislature has approved funding to fix a good portion of I-244,” said Walker, R-Tulsa. “I’ve heard plenty from constituents and others about the need to rehabilitate this section of freeway. It is so important that our roads be kept to a certain standard to ensure safe travels for drivers, passengers and commerce that happens along our roadways. We not only want to have safe travels for our residents, but we want visitors to be impressed as well. This project will only help to improve how people view driving in this area.”

A few weeks later, a $22 million project will begin along I-244 that will repair road issues between the US-75 junction and the downtown Inner Dispersal Loop out to Delaware Ave.

Drivers in the area can expect lane closures during the project – especially at night when traffic volume is lower.

The projects are expected to be completed in the summer of 2016.

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