OKGOP acts to defend Rep. Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

The Oklahoma Republican Party today announced that television ads have been stopped which were being aired by the American Action Network, a DC-based political action group, who was targeting a number of congressmen who oppose funding the president’s executive amnesty orders via the Department of Homeland Security budget.

AAN was formed in part by former RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields, and in Oklahoma the ads were designed specifically to pressure Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) to drop his opposition to the aforementioned DHS budget deal.

Dave Weston, Chairman, OKGOP

Dave Weston, Chairman, OKGOP

OKGOP Chairman Dave Weston said, “I personally called Mike and expressed that I thought the ads were a bad idea and asked him that they stop since this type of messaging is not helpful, because no Republican group should be running ads that oppose our fellow brethren. And that goes for all groups conservative, libertarian or moderate!

“I further explained that Oklahoma might be a cheap media market, but Oklahomans are fiercely resistant to outside influences. And I gave him the example that almost all of the feedback we were receiving was positive towards Congressman Bridenstine and negative toward the ads.”

Weston continued, “We must be careful. These constant attacks against our members play into the hands of Liberal-Regressives who practice Alinsky tactics that will defeat our (Republican) objective of re-establishing America as the Shining City on a Hill that the whole world can aspire to follow.”

OKGOPlogoSunset“I’m encouraged that Mike was willing to listen to reason and that he agrees that a more positive approach toward our fellow associates will be the best way to move America forward. After all, our adversaries Obama, Biden, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi, et al, have left us a target rich environment that is ripe for reform. Energy independence, securing our borders, supporting our ally Israel, defeating the Islamic State and reforming our health care system via free market innovations are just some of the issues we could focus on.”

“We discussed the fact that an opportunity had been missed to give accolades to Speaker Boehner for having the courage to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress because of the distraction created by the ads.”

TulRepubLogo1Weston concluded, “I’d like to publicly express my appreciation to Mike Shields and AAN for their willingness to listen and respond to our concerns in a positive manner by stopping these ads. This sets a great precedent for all of us to follow. Promoting the positives of the Republican Party are the best way to lead America. Today we took a step in the right direction by taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.”

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