Breitbart interviews Pamela Geller

IslamCartoonIn an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Pamela Geller asserts, “Cowardly Conservatives accommodate the Leftist Media by attacking the Draw Muhammad Contest.”

Breitbart spoke with Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and blogger at, about her recent “Draw Muhammad” free speech art exhibit, which came under attack by Islamic radicals on Sunday in Garland, Texas.

Pamela Geller, Photo: Breitbart News

Pamela Geller, Photo: Via Breitbart News

Breitbart reports:

Geller discussed how much of the political left, Islamic totalitarians, and even some high-profile conservatives have attempted to equate her art exhibit with the actions of the AK47-weilding Islamic terrorists, who were shot dead in their botched attempt to commit mass murder.

Geller talked about why drawing Muhammad is so controversial within Islam and how the media is capitulating to Sharia law in America, among other issues. Throughout the interview, view a selection of submissions to the “Draw Muhammad” contest.

Breitbart News: Many in the mainstream media have alleged that you crossed the line when it comes to free speech, and that you are responsible for inciting the terror attacks against your “Draw Muhammad” event. How do you respond to these criticisms?

IslamCartoon6Pamela Geller: We incited no one. We didn’t call for violence, justify violence, or approve of violence. The people who were inciting were the ones saying that we should be killed for exhibiting Muhammad cartoons. There is no automatic or unavoidable response to being insulted. No one is forced to kill for being insulted. Those who choose to do so are responsible for their actions. No one else is.

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