GOP Presidential Debate: Tulsa Watch Party

ElectionDebateThe Republican Party of Tulsa County is hosting a politically fun function featuring the televised presidential debate tonight. This is the second time for the County Party to host a televised debate function which this night will also feature an exit Straw Poll. A local television station will gather focus group feedback* after the event.
All Republicans are invited for this 2016 meet-up event and Republican County Chairman Mike Ford asks, “Why sit around the house and watch it by yourself? Let’s have some fun!”

Vote2016aRepublicans are welcome to support any favorite candidate or check them all out to become more informed about the quality candidates contending for President.

Ford said, “This is the most diverse and talented crop of presidential candidates we’ve had in recent history. Everyone is welcome and the event is FREE (including FREE, fresh popped popcorn)!”

When: Wednesday October 28th, 2015
Where: Zarrow Campus
2021 East 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74136
Time: 6:00

Doors open at 6:00. Seating limited, so arrive early for meet & greet. The debate begins at 7:00.

*If you are interested in being a member of the broadcast focus group, the requirements are:
1. Must be a registered Republican who intends to vote in the GOP Presidential Primary
2. Must be “Undecided”, or not “firm” in support of any one candidate in particular just yet. “Leaning” toward one or more candidates is acceptable, as long as you are still somewhat undecided.
3. Must be able to arrive between 6:00 to 6:30 p.m., stay for the entirety of the debate, and be available to answer questions with reporters after the debate (9:30-9:50).

The suggests that there are five things to watch for in the “Republican tilt.”

  1. Trump vs. Carson
  2. Will Carson get specific?
  3. Jeb Bush seeks to stand out
  4. Rubio and Fiorina moving in different directions
  5. Can someone else stand out?

Click here for detail from The Hill.

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