Bridenstine votes to enhance American energy

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Today, Congressman Bridenstine voted for H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act. The bill passed 249 to 174.

“Secure, reliable, and affordable energy is crucial to our economy and national security,” said Bridenstine.

“I am pleased the House of Representatives passed legislation to expand markets for American energy while eliminating several barriers to production.”

Bridenstine continued, “H.R. 8 includes a significant provision drawn directly from the Cruz-Bridenstine American Energy Renaissance Act, a comprehensive energy bill I introduced in both the 113th and 114th Congresses. The Gosar/Bridenstine amendment to H.R. 8 which included this provision was unanimously approved, limiting frivolous and costly environmental lawsuits that block energy development.”

In addition, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act:

  • Lifts the ban on exporting crude oil
  • Expedites the process for exporting natural gas
  • Simplifies permitting for new pipelines
  • Limits duplicative studies that delay energy projects
  • Establishes a Strategic Transformer Reserve to increase the United States’ ability to protect the electric grid
Rep. Bridenstine and Sen. Ted Cruz

Rep. Bridenstine and Sen. Ted Cruz

“The biggest obstacle to the American energy renaissance is Washington, DC. This legislation will cut regulatory red tape and allow energy development to expand. I urge the Senate to swiftly pass this legislation and send it to the President.”

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