Former treasurer pays restitution, to serve time

TulsaJusticeAccording to a release yesterday by the office of the United States Attorney Danny C. Williams; aggressive collection efforts by the Northern District’s Financial Litigation Unit has “forced” Lorna Jean Vanlandingham, the former Treasurer of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Oklahoma State Lodge and the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police, to repay $306,577.24 in restitution, a fine and a special assessment fee.

Lorna Jean Vanlandingham was sentenced to serve 33 months in prison on June 22, 2015, for embezzling from Lodge bank accounts.

U.S. Attorney Danny C. Williams Sr.

U.S. Attorney Danny C. Williams Sr.

United States District Court Chief Judge Gregory Frizzell ordered Vanlandingham to pay restitution in the amount of $291,127.59, plus interest, a $15,000 fine, and a $200 special assessment fee.

The Financial Litigation Unit (FLU) is the collections component of the Civil Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. FLU has the primary responsibility of handling debt collection and affirmative claim litigation. Assistant United States Attorney, Scott Woodward, assisted by Libbi Felty, a Paralegal, and Celeste Allen, a Legal Assistant, were responsible for the collection of the full amount of restitution, fine and special assessment in this case according to the release.

Kudos to U.S. Attorney Danny C. Williams Sr. for his aggressive ethical leadership.

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