Ted Cruz’s Christmas Parody ad

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Granted Leftist Media largely ignore Conservative Humor (even as Obama daily becomes more laughable), but even those loud few have to admit, Republican Presidential Candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz had fun with this recent Christmas parody infomercial.

Cruz aired the themed parody during the broadcast of “Saturday Night Live.”  Just think of the potential benefit if all the unsuspecting self-obsessed loons gather from this work an intellectual clue – the not-so-secret bit of awareness to break the tyranny of political correctness in their personal lives – unlocking minds, strengthening backbones and opening wisdom.

Warning:  If you still think; Hillary Clinton is honest, the IRS is not political, all government is good and other people are better at spending your hard earned money that your family would be – this is not a video you should watch.

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