OK Senate Dist. 34 special election Tuesday

Vote2016aAnalysis: Republican David McLain and Democrat J.J. Dossett will compete for a vacancy created by the resignation of Republican Rick Brinkley Tuesday in Oklahoma Senate District 34 which includes most of north Tulsa County, Skiatook, Owasso, Collinsville and a small portion of Rogers County. It is the first of many elections this year.

Both candidates produced video included in this analysis and both candidate web sites are linked in the story that follows.

The District 34 seat became vacant after Brinkley’s resignation in August 2015 amid accusations of embezzlement by the Tulsa Better Business Bureau which once employed him.

Both David McLain and J.J. Dossett have been walking the district and mailing constituents for this special election – customary tools – without much negative campaigning.McLain has posted the most detailed web site.

However, Dossett increased outreach in a cable TV buy late last week totaling $10,000 (reported by the McCarville Report here) and Dossett mailers have been much more frequent with compelling community imagery, but sadly void of positions on policy questions the Oklahoma Senate will face in coming years. From public ethics reports; a overwhelming percentage of McLain’s budget has gone to local campaign operatives.

McLain is a veteran and a small business owner. He has received the endorsements of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee and has the backing of the Oklahoma and County Republican Parties.


Dossett has lived in Owasso since his childhood and works as a teacher and coach. He’s also served in the Oklahoma Air National Guard with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His photo gallery features many prominent Democrats but does not identify these local leaders of the Left.

J.J. Dossett, Democrat for Ok. Senate Dist. 34

J.J. Dossett, Democrat for Ok. Senate Dist. 34

Dossett’s web site defines the candidate as, “A lifelong resident of District 34, J.J. Dossett lives with his wife Ashley and two sons next door to his childhood home. He is a public school teacher and coach in Owasso, where he graduated from high school before attending Oklahoma State University. When not busy parenting and teaching or coaching, J.J. serves his country as a technical sergeant in the Oklahoma Air National Guard. His service has taken him around the country and world, including two active duty deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. His family excitedly awaits a third son due in March, and the opportunity for J.J. to serve the district that brought him up as Senator for OK SD34.”

We had no idea an Oklahoma Senate District could have “brought him up” as parents usually raise children, but maybe Democrats in the district raise children in mass – an “it takes a village” example.

McLain’s web site is more detailed noting, “…McLain, of Skiatook, has been married to his high school sweetheart, Aleen for 26 years. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

David McLain, Republican for Ok Senate Dist. 34

David McLain, Republican for Ok Senate Dist. 34

“I am seeking to serve the people of State Senate District 34 because I believe in the founding principles of these United States as laid out and enumerated in our Constitution. As a veteran, I took an oath to uphold and protect our Constitution. If elected as your next State Senator, I will uphold that same oath of office” McLain continued, “My faith, values, and our Constitution will be my guiding light at the State Capitol, not lobbyists or special interests. I seek to serve the constituents of District 34 to limit the size of government and as Ronald Reagan put it, to do no harm.

“As a United States Navy veteran, McLain understands servant leadership. Along with his willingness to protect and serve America, he has volunteered time as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster children, mentored young men and women in the Thunderbird Youth Academy, and is a Paul Harris Fellow in the Skiatook Rotary. This passion for service stems from his faith and his many years in the ministry when he served as pastor in a mission church in Arizona.

Along with his willingness to serve, McLain is also very active in the local community. McLain is a small business owner within the construction industry and is currently assisting in the revitalization of downtown Skiatook by personally developing, building and investing in the community.

McLain has a desire to see an economic climate which allows small businesses in Oklahoma to flourish through a lower tax burden and deregulation. His knowledge and experience in the private sector would set him apart at the Capitol in Oklahoma City and would allow him to bring a unique perspective to the legislature.

“Being a small business owner with three distinct departments within the company, I understand the necessity of balancing a budget, project management, personnel oversight and sensitive time lines” McLain stated, “I also understand the importance of creating conditions for economic sustainability through infrastructure, local business/housing development, transportation and education. This type of sustainability allows for the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals to thrive and families to flourish.”

ElectionSpecialMcLain’s web site features several prominent Republican-Libertarians who are registered outside of this Senate District, but shown actively campaigning door-to-door.

Readers may reach the respective campaigns at the following links: David McLain and J.J. Dossett.

Regardless of your choice – please vote Tuesday, January 12.

For more on Ok Senate District 34, click for compiled information from Ballotpedia.

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