Bernie Sanders’ $19.6 trillion in tax hikes

BernieSandersAnalysis: The Washington Examiner recently posted details of Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to raise taxes on every American.  Yes, someone has to pay for all the free-stuff government under the socialist (as he proudly declares) or communist (as some suspect) Sanders promises to deliver.

History shows the choice is between free-stuff or freedom so what’s the plan to pay?

The Examiner begins: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ populist message has put him in the position to potentially win Democratic nomination contests in both Iowa and New Hampshire, shaking the sense of inevitability that has surrounded Hillary Clinton. As the socialist senator from Vermont gains traction in polls, Clinton has more aggressively attacked his policy proposals, forcing Sanders to release details on how he would pay for his ambitious economic and social agenda.

Taken together, Sanders is proposing $19.6 trillion in new taxes over a decade, according to an analysis by the Washington Examiner, of which $14 trillion would come from his healthcare plan alone. To put that in perspective, the Congressional Budget Office projects that federal revenues over the next 10 years will be a total of $41.6 trillion, meaning that Sanders would raise taxes by 47 percent over current levels.


For details on each tax proposed, click here for more from the Washington Examiner.

TulsaCapitalismLike spoiled children with no knowledge of history or economics, the Left believes productive citizens can pay for any wet dream imagined. That has never worked and never will and one would think that a quick review of current socialist countries (Venezuela inflation will blow past 700 percent this year) would be clear enough, but wisdom does seem to be in short supply.

So, a bit of elementary for student consideration – your grade of “A” in a class is not fair to those who made lower grades so now you have a “C.”  Will you study as hard for the next test? Of course not – it doesn’t matter – effort is not rewarded. Welcome to socialism.

One last consideration – the only difference between socialism and communism is that communists place soldiers with guns on street corners while socialists prefer to indoctrinate your children. However, Nazi is but an acronym for Germany’s national socialist party back in the day. When push comes to shove – history documents that socialists will use slaughter to accomplish their grand plans – always have and always will – no matter the promises of benevolence.

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