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Class Warfare: Workers vs. Looters by Dan Mitchell

Class Warfare: Workers vs. Looters by Dan Mitchell

Editorial: Oklahomans vote Tuesday for president. Call it Super Tuesday, the Dixie Primary or the Big-12 (11 states and one territory), this primary referendum will decide momentum and willow choices for both major political parties in America. Every vote counts.

All 77 Oklahoma Counties in the last two national elections voted against President Barack Obama; but that perspective came from attentive listening, independent consideration and a populist heart rather than Republican Party leadership. None of the Republican Party leaders elected at the 2015 State Party Convention currently serve in office. The chairman resigned after five months. One contestant for chairman moved to Texas and nonpartisan activists illegally manipulated the chairman race to replace.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

There is anger in Left and Right. Socialists want communism light and they are excited about Bernie Sanders while others of bread buttered by Democrats bring the dutifully paid to party proxy for Hillary Clinton.

Conservatives see Free Enterprise, Rule of Law, and basic ideological foundations of American prosperity betrayed.

Consider the personal meaning of betrayal.

Individually we can’t control world or national events, but in the life of the Republic personal prosperity has, over generations, grown from principles now “transformed” by the most illegal, corrupt, disingenuous and arrogant administration every elected to the office of U.S. President. With a “pen and a cell phone” Obama ignores Constitutional law and process, opens wide the borders to invasion by crusading enemies and Congress, for their part, does nothing. They don’t even read the laws before they pass them.

Republican primary voters are considering Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio. Some are still loyal to Ben Carson and some few impressed by John Kasich.

Donald Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Donald Trump. Photo by Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Time tells all truth and, over time, there is little consistent observable truth to Donald Trump beyond narcissism and rabid rhetoric. As a presidential candidate; Trump speaks to populist rage and brings new participants to vote, but the Oklahoma Republican Party suffered for five months with a Chairman strong in rhetoric. The problem was he failed in organizational and administrative skills required for the position. America cannot now afford the same.

Maybe Trump can build a highly qualified administration to repair the nation. Maybe his sister would be fine on the Supreme Court and his kids could populate the Cabinet, but who else he may engage is unclear and policy details in many areas he has not yet provided.

Cronyism is killing the country from both parties and we don’t need a tyrant with a “pen and cell phone” on the Left replaced by the same on the right. There is no such thing as “Crony Capitalism” it is one or the other. Capitalism only works when all play by the same rules. Cronyism is simply polite Communism dressed in a suit and tie.

Rep. Bridenstine and Sen. Ted Cruz

Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK, 1 Dist.) and Sen. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has over time during debate demonstrated strength of character and unwavering resolve on basic principles. He is the Constitutionalist Candidate. Cruz holds wisdom developed from his profound faith, but there is a sharp edge to his personality in a mix of prosecutor and preacher. Thus Cruz doesn’t relax easily in debate, but with so many issues of so great importance, America may need a sharp-edged problem solver.

Comparing Trump to Cruz – Trump debates like a cocktail hour firebrand loose as a goose while Cruz is a debating howitzer targetable at all 360 degrees.

Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio, as recently unbound, is more relaxed and entertaining than Donald Trump with substance on policy and better hair. (Ok, we’re going typical superficial media for a moment.) Rubio is a good-looking well-spoken young man of color. Many Young Republican organizations are actively campaigning for his election and Rubio may be today’s Conservative Republican version of President John F. Kennedy. But if Rubio can’t win debate over Trump then how will he do with Russia’s Putin?

Rubio’s rocket rise to fame (infamy) comes in part from participation with the “Gang of Eight” immigration package. While Rubio admits it was a faulted effort he expected the House of Representatives to fix before final passage; some note Senate hearings prominently featured open border advocates before consulting experts in border enforcement. That is a politics over policy approach problematic for careful observers.

Ben Carson, SRLC. Photo: Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Ben Carson, SRLC. Photo: Greg Duke, Tulsa Today

Ben Carson would make a great National Counselor. His pattern of simple truth is admirable, but he has not obviously studied public policy over a long term. He may not be as attractive as Counselor Troy on Star Trek Next Generation, but his calls for peace and understanding are worthy of significant regard. Carson will not win the nomination nor could he, if nominated, win against a Democratic Party opponent. He is too nice and naïve. Sad to say.

John Kasich as a governor and legislator has shown wisdom and the ability to bring people of different, if not competing, views together. In any other presidential election cycle he would be a great candidate, but Conservative Republicans have been compromised for too long. Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, or now John Kasich do not inspire the spirit and enthusiasm of the Conservative Republican base. He might win as a compromise candidate at a contested convention, but he is not likely to win the general – the base, again, would not show at the polls.

Tonight Marco Rubio will speak in Tulsa. Ted Cruz spoke yesterday and to date four times in Oklahoma. Many, including this writer, will attend all local presidential presentations.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1 we will vote.

JamesMadisonHistory and/or economics 101 show Socialism is a total failure which leads to national collapse. Obama in our nation at this time has shown the same while, somewhat, in the closet on many things.

Oklahoma is close enough to Clinton’s Arkansas to see over time what two-timing, lying, backstabbing prostitutes in pursuit of power look like – by foundation or email – in person or standing over the coffins of fallen heroes.

African-American Oklahomans note their staggering unemployment and grocery inflation.

TulsaCapitalismAll the great promises of Obama are now shown to be no more than flatulence on a windy day. Obama promised to be the first “post-racial, post-partisan president” in history, but he will be remembered as the most-racial, most-partisan, and first-Islamic if not first-communist American president in many opinions.

Yes, we live in interesting times. That is not a compliment – it is a challenge. Most sane souls are not regularly involved in politics or media to their credit, but they expect the nation to carry on as it has for generations. Today that is a question very much in doubt.

What we depend on from government is peace and prosperity. We don’t have that now and, unless you vote, America may never see it again. If we don’t act, our children and their children will suffer. Not the end of the world – just America as we have known it.

Please vote Tuesday and you are welcome write below who you support or not and why or not.

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