Obama on holiday in Cuba, while world burns

Obama does fan wave with Communist Dictator Raúl Castro

Obama fan wave with Communist Dictator Raúl Castro

Updated: Columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Obama for going on an “ideological holiday trip in Cuba, while the world burns” on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, “I thought the whole story of this presidency, and its foreign policy, was seen in the split screen.

“On one side, you had the video footage of the attack in Belgium,” Krauthammer continued. “This is the real world, and on the other side was Obama, in the fantasy world he inhabits, where Cuba is of some geopolitical significance, in his mind, but none in the real world. If Cuba disappeared tomorrow, in a volcanic eruption…nobody would notice, geopolitically. But Obama had to go, because this is legacy. This is settling the Cold War arguments, of the academic left, of Obama’s Columbia University days, the people who worship the Cuban Revolution, the Sandinistas.”

Obama poses in Cuba

Obama poses in Cuba

“Obama had his picture taken in front of a relief of Che Guevara, which sort of stated his worldview of his adolescent days, and now he does it as president. And the one hand, is the real threat to the world…this is hair-raising stuff, that the Belgians are completely outmanned. The Europeans have no way of tracking, and that we are completely in the blind. We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s the real world. Obama calls it the JV team. He pretends it’s contained and controlled, it is not. Instead, he does this sort of ideological holiday trip in Cuba, while the world burns.”

Suspected Belgium bombers

Suspected Belgium bombers

He added, “I don’t think a president should cut short his trip, because it is sort of handing over a victory to the terrorists. Moreover, the trip to Argentina is important. … But he should never have been on the trip in the first place, and he needs to make a speech, about world terrorism, and what he’s going to do.”


The most outstanding question of the Obama Administration may be: Is Obama a closet Communist? His acknowledged mentor was Frank Marshall Davis. He has bragged about having a “pen and a cell phone” to circumvent Congress and U.S. Law. Obama has praised dictators while bemoaning the need to work with his political opponents and he has given $150 billion (not million) to Iran while the nation’s leaders spark chants of “Death to America.”

As President Bill Clinton was hailed as “America’s First Black President” is President Barack Hussein Obama the first Muslim President, the first Communist President or the first Anti-American President to hold the office?

Regardless, Obama doesn’t seem to much like America or it’s people.

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