Vision plan for Tulsa

VisionTulsaLogo_2Color_WithoutDomainThe Vision sales tax program on the April 5 ballot is hailed as follows:

“America’s most admired communities are always looking for ways to improve. They increase public safety and they enhance their roads and infrastructure. These cities also find bold ways to fund quality of life projects and facilities that give citizens a more fulfilling experience while also bringing in vital economic development resources.”

This tax program includes four components, which will appear as separate items: a permanent sales tax for public safety, a permanent sales tax for transportation and streets, and a 15-year sales tax for economic development all in the City of Tulsa and a “bricks and mortar” Tulsa County component seeking a 0.05 percent sales tax to pay for roads and levees, parks projects, and buildings/capital improvement.

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ArenaRains5“We’ve worked relentlessly for more than two years to get this right,” City Council Chair Jeannie Cue said.

No single person got everything they wanted, but together, we developed a program that all ten of us, our constituents and the city can be proud of,” Cue said.

The City of Tulsa Vision

Vision Program Final – January 28, 2016

Streets and Public Transportation Ordinance

Economic Development Ordinance

Public Safety Ordinance

Tulsa County Vision

FloodingRoadDamageTulsa County has a proposition on the April 5 ballot, seeking a renewal of 0.05 percent to pay for roads and levees, parks projects, and buildings/capital improvements.

The following comprehensive list of projects, totaling $75 million, was developed from direct requests from Tulsa County residents and with further evaluation from County staff and County Commissioners. These four primary areas of focus include:


OkBridge1Tulsa County maintains more than 700 miles of road and nearly 200 bridges. These major transportation thoroughfares are the backbone of neighborhoods, business and education areas. Within the Tulsa County limits, every municipality benefits from the capital investments made in the Tulsa County Maintenance Master Plan. Infrastructure improvements include dozens of miles of levees protecting vital homesteads and industrial areas along the Arkansas River. Improvements to these levee systems are critical to public safety.

$65 million
($55 million – County .05% Renewal Package/$10 million in Vision 2025 excess)


Tulsa County Parks are among the finest and largest parks in the Tulsa region. On average, the parks receive approximately 1.5 million times per year, and thus need capital improvements to meet an ever-growing demand. The County’s ability to service these visitors is hinged on having the capital dollars necessary to maintain and create public spaces that promote healthy lifestyles for children and adults.

$14 million
($10 million – County .05%/$4 million in Vision 2025 excess)


The county has long struggled with antiquated space in buildings and enough parking to accommodate the thousands of people who use the court house. Solving these long-standing issues will allow the county to operate in a more efficient fashion and serve the public’s need for ease while navigating our facilities.

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