Tulsa 12th in efficient public spending

ArkansRiverTulsaMoonTo identify local governments that are spending taxpayer dollars most efficiently, the national research firm WalletHub analysts tallied the scores among 78 of the largest cities on key expenditure categories in a report released today.

WalletHub assessed how efficiently America’s largest urban centers spend taxpayer dollars on certain key expenditure categories, including education, law enforcement, and parks and recreation. Tulsa is ranked 12th in the nation.

Although analysts could not account for all public spending, efficient spending in key areas is a strong indicator of the level of efficiency in other expenditure categories the report notes.

TulsaSalesTaxWalletHub’s analysts compared the most populated cities across three key “Return on Investment” (ROI) categories: 1) Adjusted Education ROI, 2) Adjusted Law Enforcement ROI and 3) Parks & Recreation ROI. The data set is listed below with the corresponding weight for each metric.

The “Adjusted Education ROI” and “Adjusted Law Enforcement ROI” metrics are based on previous studies conducted. The methodology for each can be found through the links provided. “Parks & Recreation ROI” was calculated by dividing “Total Parkland Acreage Within City Limits” by “Total Parks & Recreation Expenditures.” Please note that “Total Parkland Acreage Within City Limits” refers to the area of parkland managed by the city.

TulsaSkylineChandlerPkTulsa, Ok ranked 16th in “Adjusted Education ROI, 14th in “Adjusted Law Enforcement ROI” and 21st in “Parks and Recreation ROI.”

Click here for the full report from WalletHub.

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