FBI on Hillary Clinton investigation(s)

Hillary Clinton, the first presidential candidate in history to campaign while under investigation by the FBI.

Hillary Clinton, the first presidential candidate in American History to campaign while under investigation by the FBI.

While many media have covered the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the year the FBI effort has taken to date has raised additional speculations.

Some analysts are now suggesting that more agents than announced are engaged on multiple subjects and topics may include charges of influence peddling and corruptions from the Clinton Foundation to the Department of State and beyond.

The Daily Caller posted a story Thursday with video of FBI Director James Comey at the Aspen Security Forum in London asserting that he has no “set timetable” for wrapping up the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and that the probe could even extend beyond the Democratic National Committee’s convention in July.

The Daily Caller Reporter Chuck Ross wrote:

FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey

There’s no timetable on any investigation,” Comey said, adding that he has been asked if the Democratic National Convention is “a key date” for wrapping up the investigation, which centers on whether classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s server.

“No,” Comey said about whether he had a deadline timed for before the DNC event.

Hillary Clinton

“We aspire to do all of our investigation in two ways: well and promptly,” he added.

“I get that people care about this investigation so we’re working very hard to ensure it’s done well and promptly. But as between the two, if we had to choose, we would do it well.”

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Salon notes Clinton FBI’s upcoming interview writing:

The FBI’s upcoming interview of Hillary Clinton will be a turning point in the race for Democratic nominee, especially since Clinton won’t be able to speak to James Comey and his FBI agents in the same manner her campaign has communicated with the public. Unlike loyal Hillary supporters who view the marathon Benghazi hearings to be a badge of courage and countless prior scandals to be examples of exoneration, the FBI didn’t spend one year (investigating this email controversy) to give Clinton or her top aides parking tickets. They mean business, and lying to an FBI agent is a felony, so Hillary Clinton and her aides will be forced to tell the truth. The doublespeak involving convenience and retroactive classification won’t matter to seasoned FBI agents whose reputations are on the line; the entire country feels there’s a double-standard regarding this email controversy.

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Editorial Note: If we are not all equally subject to the Rule of Law then we are not a free people, but salves to the power elite. That is the core of current public rage on both Left and Right. Live free or die is the American DNA.

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