Oklahoma Senate approved Article V Convention

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Former-Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) displayed a copy of Constitution often during his public service and now supports an Article V convention.

The Oklahoma Senate on Tuesday afternoon approved by a 30 to 16 vote Senate Joint Resolution 4, a combined application for the proposed United States of America Article V convention backed by the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force and Convention of States.

“Oklahoma’s Senate pulled off a monumental accomplishment for the Article V movement by passing a combined resolution uniting the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force and Convention of States proposals into one,” experts in constitutional reform from The Heartland Institute said. 

ObamaCareConstitutionThe application includes a call for an Article V convention for the purpose of a balanced budget amendment, term limits on members of Congress, and reductions in federal regulations. SJR 4 contains language asking Congress to count separately the applications backed by BBATF and Convention of States.

Oklahoma becomes the seventh state to fully enact a resolution backed by Convention of States and the 29th state to fully enact a BBATF-backed resolution.

The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force is dedicated to pursuing a single-subject Article V convention for a balanced budget requirement to the Constitution of the United States. Convention of States is a project of Citizens for Self-Governance, an organization promoting greater citizen involvement in government. The Heartland Institute notes it does not endorse a particular effort for an Article V convention.

“The Sooner State has a rich tradition of being a national leader demanding constitutional and fiscal reforms at both the national and state levels. The tradition continued Tuesday thanks to the Oklahoma Senate, which voted on principle and not on discredited fears perpetuated by opponents. Legislators in Idaho, Minnesota, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin should be encouraged to follow Oklahoma’s lead,” Heartland experts added.


For more information from The Heartland Institute on Constitutional Reform, click here.

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