What Democratic Socialism looks like


Patient in Venezuela lies in filth dying of socialism

SkyNews.com today features a compelling story of patients dying in hospital beds in Venezuela for lack of food, water and medicine.

America, under the leadership of elected Democrats, is quickly flying down the same evil path. This is Democratic Socialism.

Sky News reports: People lie in filthy hospital wards with no air conditioning and no clean water as a medical crisis sweeps the country. Senior cancer specialists at Venezuela’s top oncology hospital say half of their patients are needlessly dying because they have no access to the most basic of medicines.

VenezuelaHealthCare2The doctors say rampant corruption and chaotic state organization means they can barely treat their patients, have almost no working equipment and have no means of alleviating a medical crisis that is sweeping the country.

For the past week, Sky News has secretly filmed in three major hospitals both inside and outside the capital Caracas. Doctors, nurses and administrative staff risked losing their jobs to show what is happening to the crumbling health service.

Click here for more of this story from Sky News.

Towards the end of the story, these jewels are worthy of careful consideration:

Despite having the largest known reserves of oil in the world and led by a socialist government founded by Hugo Chavez with a mission to alleviate poverty for the masses, Venezuela is on the brink of a financial and social collapse.

Opposition parties are trying to force through a recall vote of President Nicolas Maduro, the successor to Mr Chavez. So far he has used the courts to block the demands for new presidential elections.

Venezuelan food shortages - photo: www.ecuadortimes.net

Venezuelan food shortages (www.ecuadortimes.net)

A mixture of socialist price controls, rampant inflation, corruption and a chronic black market have led to food shortages across the country.

Goods designated as “essential” by the government, such as meat, eggs, milk, water, flour, shampoo and toilet rolls, simply disappear from supermarkets as the producers cannot or will not provide them at the low prices set by the government.

The black market is thriving but is simply beyond the spending capacity of the majority of the country who are paid a minimum wage that cannot keep up with inflation.

Again, read the entire story from Sky News here.

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